Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add organizations and activities I participated in last year?

Yes. You can add organizations, activities, jobs, and events you have participated in during your time at UofL.

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What category should I put this activity in?

  • Student Organizations – Campus Involvement
  • Service Projects – Community Service
  • Leadership and Executive board positions in organizations – Leadership Development
  • On/Off Campus or Summer jobs – Employment


Why is the start date on my activity today’s date?

The start date for activities is automatically set for the current date. For most activities, this date cannot be changed.


Why is my club not on the list of student organizations?

While many student organizations have been added to the Student Engagement Record database, many are still in the process of being added to the system. If you would like to have your organization added, please complete the request form located under the Request to Add Activity tab.


How can I use my Student Engagement Report?

Your Student Engagement Report can be used to:

  • Aid you in preparing your Resume
  • Help you track your community services hour and participation in student organizations for scholarships and awards
  • Assist you in applying to Graduate and Professional schools
  • Provide supporting documentation of your involvement on campus and in the community throughout your college experience


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