Student Engagement Record

Five students lined up front to back smilingThe University of Louisville recognizes that learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. Students have the opportunity to record the kinds of engaged activities that take place outside the classroom on a report called Student Engagement Record.

Your academic transcript records your learning inside the classroom and your student engagement record will record the activities that you’ve done outside of the classroom. Highlight your involvement in student organizations, leadership positions held, service both on-campus and in the community as well as your employment information in a way that will show potential employers, graduate programs and others your overall abilities and level of engagement.

The Student Engagement Record provides six categories to record what you are doing outside of class. The categories are:

  • Campus Involvement
  • Community Service
  • Employment
  • Leadership
  • Academic Honors and Student Awards
  • Service Learning

cloud pictureTo better understand what each category includes, below are a few examples that illustrate each area

Campus Involvement

Membership in recognized student organizations (RSO); participation in club sports and/or intramural sports programs; other fitness and recreation programs; theater and music performances; attendance at campus events

Community Service

Non-paid service activities; work in civic activities or political campaigns, participation at any non-profit agency or other community organization including one time or on-going service.


On campus employment – work study and non-work study; offcampus employment; internships; co-op; student teaching

Leadership Development

Positions held in on campus and community organizations; leadership roles held on campus; leadership seminars/workshops/conferences attended.

Academic Honors and Student Awards

Awards received; Dean’s list; special recognition; scholarships received; certificates or other acknowledgements.

Service Learning

Service activities related to an academic course; study aboard; international service trips; internships or field experiences for academic credit that focus on community engagement

Some engagement activities may be reported in more than one category (i.e. federal work study employment with a service organization or other community group; Employment and Service).

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