SharePoint 2013


SharePoint Online provides a single, integrated location for collaboration with team members for sharing knowledge, and provides a platform for social interaction through blogs and newsfeeds.

Newsfeed is your social hub where you’ll see updates from the people, documents, sites, and tags you’re following with quick access to the apps you’ve added.

skyDrive Pro is your personal hard drive in the cloud, the place you can store, share, and sync your work files.

Sites give you easy access to the places you’ll want to go

  1. Click Newsfeed
  2. Click Following to add additional people
  3. Click Everyone to see the latest news
  4. Click Mentions to see posts that mention you


  1. Click Newsfeed
  2. Click Blog

Bog Tools

  1. Create a Post
  2. Manage Posts
  3. Manage Comments
  4. Manage Categories

The Blog Ribbon allows you to edit your page, properties, mobile page and tags and notes.

Lists, Libraries, and other Apps

The Apps section allows the addition of apps to a SharePoint site such as a Task and Calendar app to a team site. Apps usage and error information can be monitored

Adding Apps

Use a document library to store, organize, sync, and share documents with people. You can use co-authoring, versioning, and check out to work on documents together. With your documents in one place, everybody can get the latest versions whenever they need them. You can also sync your documents to your local computer for offline access

  1. Click on Apps
  2. From Site Contents - Click on add an app
  3. Click on the the of App needed
  4. Pick a name
  5. The Creative writing Document Library now appears in Site Contents
  6. See setting Library Permissions