Fact Sheet for Student-Employees

Congratulations on becoming both a UofL employee and a student! Please review this important fact sheet to make sure you receive all the email you need as a student-employee.

You now have TWO email accounts—a Cardmail student account and an Exchange (Outlook) employee account. Your student account receives important information from student departments such as Financial Aid, while your employee account receives important information from employee departments.

To make sure you receive your email from both accounts, you must do one of the following:

  1. Plan to actively monitor both accounts; or
  2. Forward email from one email account to your preferred account.

If you choose to monitor both accounts, simply log in to CardMail at http://cardmail.louisville.edu and log in to Exchange (Outlook)
at http://exchange.louisville.edu on a regular basis. You may also use the Outlook email client in Microsoft Office to access either account.

Please note:

  • Use your @cardmail.louisville.edu email address as your username when logging in to Cardmail: jandoe01@cardmail.louisville.edu.
  • Use only your ULink userID when logging in to Exchange: jandoe01.
  • Your password for both accounts is your ULink password.

If you choose to forward email from one account to your preferred account, visit these websites for step-by-step instructions:

Email sent from Blackboard, UofL's Human Resources/Student Administration and outside the university will be routed to your preferred email address.

For instructions on how to review or change your preferred email address, go to IT's enterprise security page.

Please review the university’s email archiving policy.

Need help? Contact the HelpDesk at 502-852-7997 or email .