1. What is a Listserv mailing list?

A Listserv mailing list allows you to create, manage and control email lists online.

2. Why were public GroupWise distribution lists with students in them converted to Listserv lists?

As students moved from GroupWise to CardMail, their entries in GroupWise distribution lists no longer worked. The need to include students on email lists still exists, so Information Technology converted them to Listserv lists to ensure students receive the email messages you send to them using an email list.

3. How do I log in to Listserv?

View instructions for logging in to Listserv.

4. How do I add subscribers to an existing Listserv list?

View instructions for adding a subscriber to a Listserv list.

5. How do I delete subscribers from from an existing Listserv list?

View instructions for deleting a subscriber to a Listserv list.

6. How do I request a new Listserv list?

To request a new Listserv list, go to: Listserv Request Form

7. Can I retract an email that is sent to a Listserv list?

No, because Listserv messages are sent external to the GroupWise system, you cannot retract a message once it has been sent.

8. What email address should I use to subscribe to a Listserv list?

  • For a public list (anyone can send to the list): Any address that can receive mail will work, but for ease of managing subscriptions it is recommended that you follow the same format as for private lists below.
  • For a private list (only subscribers can send to the list):
    • Non-UofL addresses: Your address must match the outbound address of that server. For example, or would be subscribed as just that.
    • For a UofL account, use or (if you have set up an email nickname). If you have set up an email nickname, please subscribe to the listserv with this address.
    • For a Cardmail account, use . (Important: Your nickname does not appear when you send an email from CardMail. Instead, your email address appears as . If you are subscribed to any listservs, this can affect your ability to post new messages to the list. IT recommends using your email address when subscribing to any listservs.)