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Faculty/Staff (Information)

1. How do I forward my CardMail to another email account?

For step-by-step instructions for forwarding your CardMail account, visit

2. I forward my CardMail to another account, but the forwarded messages all look like they come from me. Is this correct?

Yes. When forwarding your CardMail to another account, all forwarded messages will appear to come from you. When replying to one of these messages, make sure you type in the sender's email address in the "To" field.

3. I am a faculty/staff member with a CardMail account. How do I log in?

Your log in ID for CardMail is your ULink userID (for example: Your password is the same as your ULink password.

4. Are there sending or receiving limits on CardMail accounts?

Yes. To combat spam and mass emailing dangers such as worms and viruses, the following limits are applied to CardMail accounts:
  • Recipient Limit - The maximum number of recipients allowed on one outbound email message is 100. However, a public group is counted as a single recipient.
  • Message Rate Limit - The maximum number of outbound email messages per account, per minute is 30.
  • Recipient Rate Limit - The maximum number of recipients who may receive an email message from an account per day is 500.

5. Can I use Windows Live to collaborate with my students?

For security purposes, Information Technology strongly recommends using Blackboard to collaborate with your students.

6. Students come to UofL with their own email accounts already. Is there any way they can use them with CardMail?

CardMail is the communication vehicle for all UofL correspondence to students. Students are encouraged to check their CardMail accounts regularly; however,they may choose to forward their CardMail email to another non-UofL account (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.). NOTE: UofL is not responsible for any email lost in the forwarding process.