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Should I Archive It?

UofL implemented an email archiving system to ensure the university retains information necessary to fulfill academic, administrative and legal requirements. The archiving system allows you to keep important university email for two, five, seven, 10 or 15 years. (Departments may request a 20- or 30-year archiving folder if their university business needs, such as medical research, require it.) Check the university’s email archiving policy for more information on archiving.

Should you keep that email? Answer the questions below to find out.

1. Does the email involve university business?

  • Yes.
    You should archive the email. By default, it will be archived after 120 days and kept for two years from the date of creation.
  • No.
    You can delete the email from your mailbox. It’s a good idea to keep your mailbox cleaned up by deleting this unnecessary mail. Clean-up will make it easier for you to search your mailbox or the M+ Archive system for important email. If you don’t delete the email from your mailbox, it will be automatically archived after 120 days for two years from the date of its creation.

2. Does the email contain information about grants, contracts, legal records, human resources, or similarly important university business?

  • Yes.
    You should keep the email for longer than the standard two-year retention period. To do this, move the email within 120 days of its creation into your 5-year, 7-year, 10-year or 15-year email archiving folders, depending on how long you need to keep it. (For example, email that involves personnel matters should be archived for five years.) If you have any questions about how long you should retain a particular email, please contact Chad Owen at
  • No.
    You do not need to archive this email longer than the standard two years. No further action is needed on your part; just leave the email in your Inbox, or in a personally created folder within your Inbox (such as a folder structure you might create to organize your projects), and it will be archived for two years from the date of creation.

3. Was an email involving university business sent from an email account other than the Exchange (Outlook) university email system?

  • Yes.
    Forward the email to your UofL email account and archive for the appropriate period of time. It is the responsibility of the employee who generates university business-related email in any non-university email system to forward this email to his/her university email account for archiving.
  • No.
    No further action is needed on your part. The university’s automatic email archiving system will be applied to this email as explained above.