The centers within the College of Education and Human Development have a specialized mission related to research, service, instruction or a combination of these activities. A center may also have several initiatives that fall within its specialization.

National Research Center for Career and Technical Education

National Research Center on Career and Technical Education provides research, professional development and technical assistance guided by three conceptual strands: to develop and improve methods to address the education, employment and training needs of participants in CTE; to increase the effectiveness and implementation of CTE programs that are integrated with coherent, rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards; and to improve the preparation and professional development of faculty and administrators to improve student learning in CTE.

The Center for Economic Education

The UofL Center for Economic Education develops economic knowledge and decision making skills that students will need throughout their lives as teachers, family members, workers, citizens, and business, labor, government and community leaders.

Center for Environmental Education

The Center for Environmental Education develops, coordinates, implements and documents environmental education programs with a variety of constituencies, and it is affiliated with the Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development and the Kentucky Partnership for Environmental Education.

Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Science Research

The Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Science Research collaborates with local partners and conducts research on disease prevention and health promotion strategies that serve as models for best practices in diverse settings and populations.

Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Teacher Development

The goals of the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Teacher Development are to (1) conduct research on the development of mathematics and science teachers from the beginning of their preparation program to the end of their career; (2) build exemplary models of teacher recruitment, teacher education programs, and professional development experiences based on this research, and (3) build doctoral programs in mathematics and science education that are nationally competitive.

Early Childhood Research Center

The Early Childhood Research Center was established by the College of Education and Human Development in 1999 to conduct research and disseminate findings about the development and education of young children.

Kentucky Autism Training Center

The Kentucky Autism Training Center enhances support for those with autism by providing information and technical assistance to families and service providers across Kentucky.

Nystrand Center of Excellence in Education

The Nystrand Center for Excellence in Education is one of five Commonwealth Centers of Excellence and the only of these centers serving Education. Its purpose is to develop, implement, and study collaborative efforts to improve teaching.