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MARCH 2011



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3/22/11 Overview of Special Needs Trusts Richard Bush, Attorney This presentation will give an overview of what to expect in the planning process of a special needs trust, how a trust operates and what is involved in planning for the future.  Wills, power of attorney, financial planning and taxes, etc will be discussed.

Presentation [PDF]


Overview of Special Needs Trusts on Vimeo
3/30/11 Overview of Guardianship Richard Bush, Attorney This presentation will give an overview of when a guardianship is needed, what the process involves and the duties and responsibilities of a guardian.

Presentation [PDF]


Overview of Guardianship webinar on Vimeo







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9/12/11 Addressing the Challenging Behaviors of Children with Autism Laura Ferguson, M.Ed, BCBA This webinar identifies steps to addressing problem behaviors utilizing Three Term Contingency, we will look at the functions of all behavors and outline interventions. Presentation [PDF]
Addressing the Challenging Behaviors of Children with Autism webinar on Vimeo







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10/5/11 Employment Works: How to Make Working a Reality for Your Son or Daughter Maya Chan This webinar gives a brief overview of support options for working in the community.  Ways to increase employability and the benefits of work will also be discussed. Presentation [PDF] (not available TBA)
10/18/11 Supporting Individuals with ASDs in the Workplace Maya Chan Strategies and techniques to support individuals with ASD successfully in the workplace will be reviewed.  Participants will also be directed toward additional resources. Presentation [PDF]
Supporting Individuals with ASDs in the Workplace webinar on Vimeo







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11/10/11 Growing up with Autism-Sibling Research and Experiences Lindsey Devries Siblings of children with autism often face unique challenges growing up with a brother or sister on the spectrum.  This webinar explores what the research says about sibling issues and shares the experiences of adult siblings of individuals with autism spectrum disorder.  The sibling panel will gladly take questions at the end of the presentation. Presentation [PDF] (not available TBA)
11/21/11 Coping with Stress Jennifer Bobo, LCSW
This presentation will identify sources of stress parents of a child with autism experience, learn to better understand stress by identifying signs and symptoms and learn stress management tools. Presentation [PDf] (not available TBA)







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12/7/11 Unspoken Social Rules for the Internet Maya Chan Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what is acceptable or unacceptable to put on the Internet.  Participants will learn about the unspoken social rules of the Internet, as well as how to use the internet most effectively. Presentation [PDF] (not available TBA)


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