Treatment and Intervention Service Providers

The information provided in this document contains information from each company’s public website.  This information is intended to help families identify potential providers to meet their individual needs.  The Kentucky Autism Training Center does not endorse these providers and encourages families to verify coverage prior to initiating any services.


Applied Behavioral Advancements, LLC

(606) 677-2636

Applied Behavioral Advancements, LLC (ABA, LLC) is dedicated to empowering their clients to make informed decisions about their lives through increased socially appropriate behaviors.  ABA, LLC works with individuals who engage in challenging behaviors and/or have been diagnosed with developmental disabilities/mental retardation, traumatic brain injury, or psychiatric disorders.   They conduct functional behavior assessments, write behavior support plans, train caregivers, monitor the implementation of behavior support plans, provide early intervention services for children diagnosed with Autism, provide in home behavior therapy, and crises services for individuals with mental retardation or developmental disabilities.  The services provided by ABA, LLC occur in numerous settings, including: adult psychiatric hospitals, ICF/MRs, schools, homes, adult day training centers, and MR/DD independent living sites.


Autism and Behavior Concepts

(859) 559-6044

Our mission is to provide effective services to children with autism and related disabilities through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We wish to empower our clients and families by making informed and researched based decisions. We promote an atmosphere of dignity, respect, individuality, and self-worth. It is our goal to support our clients in reaching their maximum potential and becoming successful participants in their community.


Bluegrass Center for Autism

(502) 473-7219 (Kosair Charities East Campus – ages 3-11)

(502) 409-9548 (Mid City Campus – ages 12-21)

The mission of Bluegrass Center for Autism is to prepare children and adolescents with autism and other related disabilities academically and personally to successfully transition into the adult world.  Bluegrass Center for Autism aspires to remediate deficits and strengthen abilities in the critical areas of: communication, social interaction, emotional regulation, and academic skills and abilities.  Bluegrass Center for Autism offers an intensive, highly structured and individualized educational experience for children and adolescents with autism.  Discrete trials are used to maximize learning opportunities.  Assessments are conducted frequently and data are graphed continuously and analyzed weekly.  Instruction is delivered in a 1:1 setting with scheduled opportunities for generalization across individuals and environments.  


Bluegrass Oakwood 

Bluegrass Oakwood is an Intermediate Care Facility supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Their goal is to assist people to develop skills and interests that will help them to reach personal goals and live meaningful, balanced lives.  They offer services that focus on wellness, community living, work, and leisure in a safe environment.  They offer employment opportunities for their clients on and off campus. They are a resource for behavioral, habilitation, therapeutic, and medical needs.


Clinical Behavior Analysts, LLC (CBA)

 (502) 409-7181

 CBA serves children, adults, adolescents and their families with difficult behavioral challenges and skill deficits.  They provide consultation services in homes, schools, adult day treatment facilities, and in the community.  They emphasize the importance of caregiver training and follow a structured yet individualized program to ensure parents understand and can implement the basic principles of behavior analysis before introducing more complex programming.  They provide behavioral acquisition programming based on the VB-MAPP as well as target reduction of maladaptive behaviors. 


Homeplace Support Services

(859) 936-2010

The mission of Homeplace Support Services is to empower adults with developmental disabilities to live more independently.  To provide tested and creative programs that respect the rights of these individuals while allowing them to reach a level of confidence and learning whereby they feel qualified to make life choices for themselves.   Homeplace Support Services encourages individuals with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. The ultimate goal of Homeplace is to provide services that allow those with compromised abilities to be fully integrated into the life of their community. 

Homeplace Support Services provides a variety of services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.  These services include: training in activities of daily living in group homes and staffed residence, vocational skills training and social skills training in day training sites, and the use of behavioral supports to promote more socially acceptable behaviors.



(855) 324-0885

Hopebridge uses Verbal Behavioral Therapy alongside ABA to impact language development and higher-level communication skills for functioning. Additional components to the program will address developmental delays, behavioral issues and socialization. ABA principles can be applied to anyone capable of learning.


Indiana MENTOR  

(317) 581-2380

 Indiana MENTOR provides a variety of services to children and adults, including:  

    • Therapeutic Foster Care for at-risk youth
    • Family preservation services for at-risk youth
    • Residential Services including ICF/MR Group Home, Adult Foster Care (AFC) and Structured Family Caregiving, and Supported Living Services for adults and children with developmental disabilities under the Medicaid Waiver program
    • Respite Services for persons living with their families
    • Community and Facility Based Day Services for adults with developmental disabilities 
    • Behavioral Support Services to adults and children with developmental disabilities

The individuals and families supported by Indiana MENTOR have a variety of needs, all of which are met within the communities where they live, work and play. Because each person’s needs and preferences are different – and often change over time – we provide a full range of highly specialized community-based residential and non-residential programs.  People who have intellectual disabilities are offered programs that range in intensity and setting according to their needs and desires – from highly supervised residential programs, to periodic services including respite, day services and behavioral supports.


Lee Specialty Clinic

(502) 368-2348

 The Lee Specialty Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinic that provides a variety of health care services, such as primary care, dentistry, psychiatry, clinical psychology, behavior analysis, crisis intervention and therapeutic services. Patients of the clinic have access to a wide network of medical and dental specialists and sub-specialists. The Lee Specialty Clinic will serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live at home with their families, or in a variety of residential settings throughout the Commonwealth, including intermediate care facilities, community homes, and independent living homes.


Marin Autism Interventions

Children and adolescents ages 4-17 receive applied behavior analysis in the home, school, and community.  These supports include: acquisition training in the areas of social skills, activities of daily living, and academic remediation/preparation, behavior reduction, and caregiver training.  The ABLLS-R is used as a curriculum guide for behavior acquisition.  Behavior support plans are developed and parents and teachers are trained and monitored for correct implementation.



Meaningful Day Services

(812) 288-4688

Meaningful Day Services, Inc. (MDS) is an Indiana-based company that provides supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. MDS runs a preschool that incorporates behavior analysis, speech pathology, occupational therapy and music therapy.  They also provide center-based services for school-aged children and provide in-home consultation.  Services include the use of reinforcement, shaping, chaining, verbal behavior tools, prompting and prompt fading, errorless learning and appropriate error correction training. They teach social, communication, daily living, academic, pre-academic, and many other skill areas.  They also provide behavior management services to children and adults challenged with a variety of behavioral difficulties. These services are home-based, although consultants will assess individual's needs in any environment, including the community, work, school, and/or residential facilities. The behavior consultants assess and intervene with a wide range of behavioral difficulties that range from relatively mild to severe behaviors that may pose risks to the individual as well as others. 


Our Lady of Peace  

 (502) 451-3330

Our Lady of Peace offers a full range of psychiatric services including services for children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities and highly aggressive adolescents. The Innovations Center was established in 1997 to offer help and support for children and adolescents with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The Innovations program is the only program within a psychiatric hospital in this area that has specialized programs with Behavior Analysts to address the needs of this population. This national, award-winning program is designed in such a way that children and adolescents participate in a positive, proactive behavioral treatment to facilitate stabilization, increase independent skills and improve behavioral self-management. Treatment is inter-disciplinary and includes a team of highly experienced Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Board Certified Behavior Analysts and a Speech and Language Pathologist. In addition, Our Lady of Peace has a fully accredited school program (Peace Academy) that is part of the Jefferson County Public School system.


Social Development, LLC

(502) 314-0671

Social Development, LLC provides in-home services to young children and adolescents diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders who are in military families.  The company has two Board Certified Behavior Analysts who develop acquisition programming to prepare their clients for success in the natural environment.  They work closely with their clients’ parents to ensure consistency in programming and open communication.


University of Kentucky Eastern State Hospital (UK/ESH)

(859) 246-8000

UK/ESH provides inpatient psychiatric treatment, specialized services for individuals with acquired brain injuries, and long-term care for individuals with psychiatric disabilities requiring nursing facility level of care.  Patients receive multidisciplinary care with may include Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, Pharmacy, and/or Behavior Analysis to deliver recovery-focused care. UK is a teaching Hospital dedicated to training the next generation of mental health professionals to care for people across the Commonwealth.


University of Louisville Autism Center (ULAC)

(502) 588-8522

ULAC provides Applied Behavior Analysis, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Psychological services for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum.  The Autism Center is also home to highly skilled physicians and other medical staff who help identify issues relating to sleep disturbance as well as neurological, gastrointestinal and psychiatric functioning. Complementary and alternative medical treatments are reviewed with families and evaluated based on the most current research available. The majority of services are provided in the clinic; however, home-based Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention is being established for 2-5 year olds. The Autism Center is dedicated to educating and training the next generation of practitioners.


Verbal Behavior Consulting, Inc.

(859) 899-9200

Verbal Behavior Consulting is led by Amanda Ralston, BCBA, offering client-centered behavioral solutions and specializing in treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. Providing services through Board Certified Behavior Analysts, VBC offers experience, training, and expertise in working with children with language delays and problem behavior.

Verbal Behavior Consulting, Inc. provides consultation to families, schools, and agencies regarding techniques and procedures guided by the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior literature.

In addition to consultation, program supervision, and direct therapy services, VBC provides parent and caregiver training in home & site-based programs in order to provide the most consistency in behavior procedures and teaching opportunities for language acquisition.


Walden Behavior Solutions, LLC


Walden Behavior Solutions, LLC provides treatment solutions to individuals, caregivers, and families that are struggling to function in their everyday lives due to challenging behaviors that are interfering with their success, well-being and quality of life. The services are supervised and managed by a Licensed Behavior Analyst and focus primarily on the reduction of challenging behaviors and on the acquisition of necessary skills to replace those challenging behaviors. The treatment plan begins with a functional behavior assessment of the individual’s challenging behaviors and skill deficits that are interfering with their learning and safety in the environment. Once the functions are identified, an individualized behavior plan is developed to guide caregivers on how to teach skills and intervene during challenging behaviors. Treatment services, caregiver training and support is available across all settings, including the home, community, and school in which the skill deficits and/or problem behaviors are present.