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News Item Teach Social Skills in School Using Lunch Bunch
KATC Newsletter Summer 2012 Lunch Bunch programs help teachers target social goals and objectives
News Item Peer-Mediated Instruction and Intervention
KATC Newsletter Summer 2012 Highlight on the use of an evidence based practice
News Item Starting a Social Skills Group for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
KATC Newsletter Summer 2012 Techniques to help develop social skills groups
News Item Self Advocacy and College Students with ASD
KATC Newsletter Summer 2012 Discusses the importance of learning self advocacy skills to access disability services in college
News Item Teaching Social Skills to Your Child with Autism
KATC Newsletter Summer 2012 A review of interventions used to teach social skills
News Item 2011-2012 Summary of KATC Activities
KATC Newsletter Summer 2012 Summary of annual report
News Item Exploring Augmentative and Alternative Communication
News Item Using Video Modeling to Enhance the Learning Process
News Item Three Benefits of Social Networks for ASD Support Groups
News Item Sleep Problems in Children with Autism
Winter 2013 Newsletter
News Item Blake's Journey One Bite at a Time
Winter 2013 Newsletter
News Item Facing the Toilet Training Challenge
Winter 2013 Newsletter
News Item The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
Image IMG_0071.jpg
Image Northern Elementary EBP2
News Item School Spotlight: Northern Elementary
Winter 2013 Newsletter
News Item Ideas for Autism Awareness Year Round
News Item Developing Inclusive Classrooms
News Item How to Choose a Summer Camp?
News Item Support For Families of Children with ASD in Kentucky
News Item DSM-V and Changes to the Autism Diagnosis
News Item Back to School -- Get Off to a Great Start
News Item Learn the Signs. Act Early. Ambassador Project
News Item School Training Site Initiative Begins this Fall with 25 Schools Across the State
News Item Stage One Sensory Friendly Stage Performance
News Item LEAD Parent Graduation Ceremony
Image photo1.JPG
News Item The Reason I Jump Book Review
News Item Social Skills & Employment Group for Young Adults with Autism Now Available
News Item KATC Training Site Project at Millard Elementary School
News Item UofL opens new pediatric and dental offices at Sam Swope Kosair Charities Centre
News Item "The House of Pooh" Sensory Friendly Performance with Stage One Theatre
News Item KATC Family Guide Update
Image North Middle School
Image Pride Elementary
Image Pride Elementary
Image Rockfield Elementary
Image Rockfield Elementary
News Item Our Work in Schools
News Item Choosing a Behavior Analyst: Not All Clinicians are Created Equal
News Item Autism and Safety Webinar Series
News Item Kentucky Peer Support Network Project
News Item Follow-Up to the Safety Webinar Series
News Item Understanding Challenging Behavior in Individuals with Autism
News Item Structured Work Systems in the Classroom and at Home
News Item Life goes on, even after the school bus stops coming!
Image Owensboro Autism Network Logo
Image AASBG Support Group
News Item ASD Support Groups Making Strides in Kentucky
Image Family Safety Awareness Day
News Item The Training Site Initiative continues…
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