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Read our archive of quarterly published newsletters about up to date KATC activities, resources and trainings.



KATC Training, Support and Resources [Download PDF]
KATC Resources [Download PDF]
Trastornos del Espectro Autista (TEA) [Descargar PDF]




SiblingsAutism Spectrum Disorders Tips for Siblings

Kids with autism always have a reason for what they do, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out. This brochure briefly explains the challenges siblings of children with autism face and provides some tips to deal with those challenges. [Download PDF]



SiblingsTrastornos del Espectro Autista Consejos para hermanos

Los niños con autismo tienen siempre una razón para lo que hacen, pero a veces es difícil de entender. Este folleto explica brevemente los retos a los hermanos de niños con autismo se enfrentan y proporciona algunos consejos para hacer frente a esos desafíos. [Descargar PDF]




GrandparentsGrandparents and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Parents of children with autism need the positive support that can be provided by extended family members such as grandparents. This brochure briefly explains autism spectrum disorder, behavior of some children with autism and what grandparents can do to help the child with autism, siblings and family. [Download PDF]


GrandparentsLos abuelos y los trastornos del espectro  autista

Los padres de niños con autismo necesitan el apoyo positivo que puede ser proporcionada por miembros de la familia como los abuelos. Este folleto explica brevemente trastorno del espectro autista, el comportamiento de algunos niños con autismo y lo que los abuelos pueden hacer para ayudar al niño con autismo, hermanos y familiares. [Descargar PDF]



FriendHow to be a Friend to Someone with Autism?

When you become a friend to a person with autism, you both learn a lot from each other.  Here are some ideas that can help you be a better friend to a child with autism.  [Download PDF]



FriendCómo ser amigo de alguien con autismo?

Cuando te haces amigo de una persona con autismo, ambos aprenden mucho unos de otros. Aquí están algunas ideas que pueden ayudarle a ser un mejor amigo de un niño con autismo. [Descargar PDF]




FirefightersAutism Spectrum Disorders Tips for Firefighters

Individuals with autism cannot be identified by their physical appearance. They are usually identified by their behavior. This brochure contains some tips to help firefighters interact with an individual who they suspect may have autism when in an unfamiliar or stressful situation. [Download PDF] 


PoliceAutism Spectrum Disorders and Law Enforcement

Awareness and education of first responders about disabilities increases their ability to provide appropriate response. Recognizing behaviors associated with autism will allow you to best respond to the situation. This brochure contains some tips to help law enforcement officers interact with an individual who they suspect may have autism. [Download PDF]


EMSAutism Spectrum Disorders and EMS Personnel

Because individuals with autism cannot be identified by their physical appearance, they are usually identified by their behavior. This brochure contains some tips to help EMS personnel interact with an individual who they suspect may have autism when in an unfamiliar or stressful situation. [Download PDF]




Autism Religious CommunitiesBuilding Supportive Communities of Faith for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Families

Researchers have documented the existence of attitudes and routines that prevent individuals with disabilities (including autism spectrum disorders) from participating in religious settings. This brochure briefly explains ways the religious community can be inclusive of a person with autism spectrum disorder. [Download PDF]


College and Autism BrochureCollege and Autism: Accessing Disability Services at Public Postsecondary Institutions in Kentucky

Each year many students with Aspergers and autism spectrum disorder decide to continue their education past high school and attend two and four year colleges or vocational schools.  Although getting into college may seem a daunting experience, staying in college can also become a challenge. This brochure will discuss the process of accessing accommodations in college to help defeat these challenges and succeed as college students. [Download PDF]


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