Kentucky Teen Institute

KY Teen Institute

First Annual Kentucky Teen Institute

A project of the Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Science Research in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences, College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville

What is the Kentucky Teen Institute?

The Kentucky Teen Institute (KTI) is a four-day camp providing a dynamic educational experience by bringing together teens from all over the state of Kentucky. During this time, youth will share the challenges they and their peers face, generate ideas and solutions with support from adult support staff, and create team action plans to implement in their schools and communities. KTI uses a variety of successful leadership and youth development training styles including workshops, seminars, and activities developed in collaboration with the Kentucky YMCA and the National Teen Institute Association. We believe creative expression, laughter and having fun are key elements of learning.

KY Teen Institute

Participants will stay on the vibrant University of Louisville campus in dorms with their adult Advisors on each floor. Food is provided by the University and also cooked by participants in healthy cooking workshops. Leaders of the Institute are students and staff from the University of Louisville's Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Science, a center within the College of Education and Human Development's award-winning Health and Sport Sciences Department. A nurse is also on staff at all times.

What happens at KTI?

  • Thought-provoking, interactive dialogue among professionals and teens that educate and motivate;
  • Engaging team-building activities among all participants;
  • Dynamic action planning among team members;
  • Building relationships with teens and adults from all over the state;
  • Creative, fun, and often, hilarious recreational activities!

Who should apply?

  • Youth who are serious about making a change in their schools and communities;
  • Youth from diverse backgrounds who want to make Kentucky a healthier state;
  • Youth who show leadership qualities and desire further skill development;
  • Adults who would like to make a commitment to teens and their community;
  • Adults who enjoy interacting with youth.
KY Teen Institute

Apply now!

The application process for the 2012 Kentucky Teen Institute is from March to May 2012. Download an application here.


To improve the health of Kentucky youth through youth-designed initiatives, leadership training, and supportive adult partnerships.

KY Teen Institute


To honor the unique role youth play in their schools and communities as leaders and activists for healthier choices and environments. Kentucky Teen Institute (KTI) encourages youth to identify the challenges they and their peers face in today's world. KTI offers a platform for youth to generate peer-awareness and create positive change by helping them develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to make healthy choices, build positive relationships, and contribute to their schools and communities in positive ways.


  • To empower youth to play a key role in identifying teen challenges and creating effective strategies to address them;
  • Increase awareness of personal resiliency skills (skills that help maintain a healthy lifestyle);
  • Decrease risk-taking behaviors (drug and alcohol use, unsafe sex, bullying, etc.);
  • Develop effective health promotion skills for peer education; and
  • Increase capacity and skills for leadership in their community around issues of risk prevention and health promotion.
Stacie Steinbock

For more information:
Stacie Steinbock, M.Ed.
Director Kentucky Teen Institute
University of Louisville
Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Sciences 2206 South Brook St.
Louisville KY, 40292

What are Team Action Plans?

With statewide professionals and national leaders in health promotion and wellness programs, teens will learn best practices in health promotion strategies. Each regional team, comprised of adults and teens, will identify a pressing adolescent health concern in their school or community. The team will then creatively develop a Team Action Plan that addresses the health concern. Over the next school year they will implement this plan with support from their adult advisor, Kentucky Teen Institute staff, and other KTI participants from across the state. Ongoing evaluations will be shared through regular online meetings and at a two-day KTI Winter Retreat. The culmination of these efforts will be a creative presentation that will be shared with the next generation of KTI summer camp participants.