Graduate Student Success Office

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Graduate programs in the College of Education & Human Development (CEHD) are diverse in their scope in the social and cultural structures within our community. Beyond an array of teacher education programs, the CEHD offers Master's and Doctoral programs in health sciences; sport and educational administration; higher education; and community-based programs in special education and counseling. Learn more about our degrees.

The Graduate Student Success Office (GSS) provides a centralized graduate admission office and student support resource for prospective students, current graduate students, and for faculty who teach and interact with graduate students. We advocate for graduate students while also strategically aligning them with support networks. Our ultimate goal is to empower students to progress toward degree completion in a timely manner. The GSS staff provide resources and services that serve the needs of our graduate students academically, professionally, and socially. Our office serves as a centralized hub for graduate student success and helps build a community among the graduate student population. 


We look forward to supporting you in your graduate journey! 

GSS Staff

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