Janet Calvert

Janet Calvert
Instructor, Coordinator Alternative Certification
Department of Middle and Secondary Education
Room 293 - College of Education and Human Development
Office: 502-852-8053
jmcalv01 @ louisville.edu

Janet Calvert's curriculum vitae [PDF]


Recently I ran into one of my earliest friends who lived down the street from me. While reminiscing about the ‘good ole days’, she reminded me that before I would join her in playing with our Ginny dolls, I insisted on teaching her how to read. I even made little books for her. She was 4 years old and I was 6! I had forgotten this until she reminded me, so I guess it’s true to say that I wanted to be a teacher before I can even remember!

Teaching has been a lifelong adventure for me! Once I received my teaching credentials from St. Louis University, I took a yearlong ‘sabbatical’ in Europe where I got an au pair position in Strasbourg, France. Even though I peeled a lot of carrots and potatoes, I also got to read stories to my three curious little French charges, who didn’t quite understand why I frequently mispronounced the words in their favorite French fairy tales.

I got my first real teaching job at a treatment facility for troubled adolescent girls, who were placed there for being runaways from often chaotic lives. These young people taught me that teaching had to be relevant, useful and fun, and most of all, an act of love. I am especially grateful to the faculty at U of L, my alma mater, for the meaningful training I received while pursuing my masters and doctoral degrees here.

Eventually, I became an assistant principal in both middle and high schools, where I proudly celebrated my ‘frequent visitors’ who, without my sometimes tough love, would never have made it across that stage to graduation! Eventually, I became principal at three different middle schools, worked as a consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education and, subsequently, worked as a consultant for my school district. Next, I began working in higher education training principals and, now at the University of Louisville, I work in teacher education and serve as coordinator for teacher alternative certification.

My favorite hobbies include cooking and eating, meditation and writing, walking, reading, being with my husband and friends, visiting my daughter, son-in-law and grandson in San Francisco and just vegging out from time to time!

Educational Background

  • EdD, School Administration, University of Louisville, 1996
  • M.S., Community Development, University of Louisville
  • Professional Certificate for Instructional Leadership – School Superintendent
  • Professional Certificate for Instructional Leadership – Supervision
  • Professional Certificate for School Administration and Supervision: Endorsement for Secondary School Principal, grades 7-12
  • BA, English, St. Louis University

Professional Memberships

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • National Education Association
  • Kentucky Education Association
  • Jefferson County Association of School Administrators

Honors and Awards

  • Graduate Dean’s Citation Award (1996). University of Louisville.
  • Employment Management Association Foundation Award (1996), sponsored by and published in The Wall Street Journal for the Williams Middle School – United Parcel Service school – business partnership.
  • Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship (1993 – 1996). University of Louisville.

Selected Publications

  • Training and development presentations for educators statewide (2001 – 2004). Kentucky Department of Education. • Calvert, J., Gaus, D. & Ruscoe, G (2000). The Tortuous Journey Toward School Reform: A Middle School’s Efforts Within the Context of a State-Mandated, High-Stakes Accountability System. In B. L. Whitford & K. Jones (eds.), Accountability, Assessment, and Teacher Commitment: Lessons from Kentucky’s Reform Efforts, (pp. 109 – 126). New York: State University of New York Press.
  • Calvert, J. (2000). Farnsley – a Model School. Kentucky Department of Education, Safe School Conference.
  • Calvert, J. (May, 1996). The Principal as Minister: A Reflective Study of the Prophetic and Pastoral Components of the Principalship. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Louisville.