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Reference Letter Sample

Reference Letter Samples

(Rev: 6/17/2003)

(To the applicant: Make three copies and attach one copy of this page to each one of the three "Recommendations for Graduate School" forms. Such a narrative must accompany each recommendation for it to be considered complete.)

Information to those completing professional recommendations:
The information (the "check marks") you provide on the pre-printed "Recommendation for Graduate School" is helpful. However, the members of the Admission Committee and this applicant need more of your valuable insight.

We consider your recommendation a crucial factor in our decision to recommend admission. We need your explanations to understand all the information about this applicant which suggests the very strong likelihood of success in doctoral study in education administration. Therefore, please use additional pages to offer specific examples or evidence supporting each of the ratings you have made. What you say in your additional comments may well be the decisive factor in our decision!

Important Questions to Address

  • What is your expertise?
  • How does your expertise contribute to the evaluation of this candidate?
  • How specifically you are able to judge the suitability of the candidate?
  • When were you able to observe the capability of this candidate?
  • What was your working relationship with the candidate?
  • What was the candidate’s position?
  • What were the significant personal qualifications exhibited by the candidate and how were they shown? In particular you might address: leadership, persistence, intelligence, creativity, integrity, maturity thoroughness, collegiality, organizational ability, etc.
  • What were the significant academic qualifications exhibited by the candidate and how were they shown? In particular you might address: knowledge of field, writing capability, research skills, technology facility, etc.
  • What recognitions did the candidate receive and why were they bestowed?
  • What specific tasks or products did the candidate complete that you can witness?
  • What unique experiences of this candidate will contribute to his/her success in a doctoral program?
  • How well to you anticipate that this candidate will manage in a doctoral program?
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