Internships in Sport Administration

University of Louisville Sport Administration students gain valuable insight and practical experience through internships. The locations are selected by the students in cooperation with their advisors and the SPAD Faculty Internship Coordinator. All for-credit internships are conducted under the supervision of the Sport Administration Faculty Internship Coordinator. The SPAD Program provides a variety of internship and job search services as well as career development services for students.

Students seeking more information about internship opportunities or sport organizations wishing to post a position should contact Prof. Gin Presley, Sport Administration Internship Coordinator (502-852-5039). Please contact Prof. Gin Presley (502-852-5039) for more information about the undergraduate program. Please contact Dr. Megan Shreffler (502-852-0548) for more information about the master's program, and Dr. Mary Hums (502-852-5908) for more information about the doctoral program. If you have questions about the accuracy or currency of any information on this page, you can contact the HSS Department at 502-852-6642.

Student Resources

Internship Handbook [PDF]

When can I begin my internship?

Students must complete the following courses/hours prior to enrolling in the internship:

  • Undergraduate students: 60 total hours, plus the following SPAD classes:
    • SPAD 281-Principles of Sport Administration
    • SPAD 382-Organizational Behavior
    • SPAD 383-Sport Marketing
    • SPAD 401-Career Development in Sport
    • SPAD elective-Any 3 hour SPAD class is acceptable
  • Graduate students: 12 hours in Sport Administration

How do I find an Internship?

While Internship site selection is a shared responsibility between the student and the Faculty Internship Coordinator, the ultimate final responsibility for securing the Internship rests with the student. NOTE: Procrastination by the student could result in failure to secure an Internship at a preferred site during the desired semester. The student needs to let the Faculty Internship Coordinator know her/his areas of interest so the Faculty Internship Supervisor can work with the student to determine availability of Internship positions and appropriate contact persons. Students are encouraged to actively volunteer with organizations or events to identify areas of interest and create professional relationships with potential employers.

How do I register for the internship class?

Before you may register for the internship, your Internship Application must be approved by the Faculty Internship Coordinator. Internship applications are available outside Room 104L in the SAC East. The internship application should be completed, signed by both the Student and Site Supervisor, and submitted to the Internship Faculty Coordinator at least two weeks before an internship begins. The student should specifically describe his/her internship responsibilities and activities. For an internship to be approved, it must contain significant administrative or managerial responsibilities. A current resume must be submitted with the completed application form.

Once this information is received and the internship approved, the student will receive an email notification when he/she can register. Registration can be made online as with any other class once the internship is approved.

How many hours do I have to work during my internship?

Undergraduate students must complete eight credit hours (400 intern work hours) for the SPAD B.S. degree program. These credits are available in four-hour increments. If you are enrolling in eight hours for a semester, you should enroll in two sections of SPAD 402 (i.e., SPAD 402.01 and SPAD 402.02). Undergraduate interns must work a minimum of 200 hours for each four (4) credit hours. Thus, to satisfy all eight credit hours, the student will work a minimum of 400 hours. Undergraduate students pursuing a minor or concentration in Sport Administration may only apply four credit hours of internship (i.e., one Internship section) toward their minor or concentration.

Graduate students are required to work a minimum of 400 hours for three credit hours for an internship. Note: Graduate students in the Higher Education concentration have different requirements. Please see the Faculty Internship Coordinator for more details.

Sport Organizations

The following lists provide categorized links to organizations of interest to students seeking internships in sport administration.