Jason Jaggers

Jason Jaggers
Assistant Professor
Department of Health & Sport Sciences
Room 105H - SAC E
jason.jaggers @ louisville.edu

Dr. Jaggers' curriculum vitae [PDF]

Dr. Jason Jaggers is the Associate Director of the Wendy Novak Diabetes Sports Medicine program within the Department of Pediatrics. Following the completion of his doctorate degree of exercise science at the University of South Carolina in 2010, Dr. Jaggers remained at South Carolina as a postdoctoral fellow to coordinate and manage an NIH funded home-based exercise trial aimed to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease among people living with HIV in the local community. His research interests are exercise testing and prescription for special populations, with a strong emphasis on HIV and Diabetes (Type 1 and 2). In addition to research, his scholarly activity has resulted in 3 book chapter credits as lead author or co-author and first author on 10 peer-reviewed journal publications. As a leading expert in clinical exercise science, Dr. Jaggers would like for his research to help establish the importance of increased fitness among clinical populations as a way to help manage the symptoms and side effects associated with chronic disease.

Academic Background

  • Post-doc. Cardiovascular Disease Among People Living with HIV, University of South Carolina
  • Ph.D. Exercise Science, University of South Carolina
  • M.S. Exercise Physiology, University of Louisville
  • B.S. Exercise Science, University of Louisville

Teaching Areas

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Principals of Electrocardiography

Research Areas

  • Clinical Exercise Science
  • HIV and Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)
  • Exercise Testing and Prescription for Special Populations

Recent Publications

Jason R. Jaggers, Katie Casto Hynes, and Kupper A. Wintergerst. "Exercise and Sport Participation for Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes: Safety Considerations and the Unknown." ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal 20.6 (2016): 40-44.

Jaggers JR, Snead JM, Lobelo RLF, Hand GA, Dudgeon WD, Prasad VK, et al. “Results of a nine month home-based physical activity intervention for people living with HIV.” Int J Clin Trials 2016;3(3):106-19. Available online: http://dx.doi.org/10.18203/2349-3259.ijct20162793

Jason R. Jaggers, and Gregory A. Hand. "Health Benefits of Exercise for People Living With HIV A Review of the Literature." American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 2016; 10(3): 184-192

Jason R. Jaggers, Gregory A. Hand, Wesley D. Dudgeon, Stephanie Burgess, Kenneth D. Phillips, J.L. Durstine, Steven N. Blair. “Short Term Aerobic and Resistance Training Improves Psychological Mood State Among Adults with HIV.” International Journal of Sports Medicine, 2015; 36(2): 175-181

Wirth, M.D., Jaggers, J.R., Dudgeon, W.D., Hebert, J.R., Youngstedt, S.D., Blair, S.N., Hand, G.A. “Association of markers of inflammation with sleep and physical activity among people living with HIV or AIDS.” AIDS Behavior, 2015 Jun;19(6):1098-107. doi: 10.1007/s10461-014-0949-y.

Snead, Joanna M., Jason R. Jaggers, Gregory A. Hand, and J. Larry Durstine. "HIV Comorbidities, Treatment, and Physical Activity: Promoting Best Global Practice in Children and Adolescents." Global Journal of Health & Physical Education Pedagogy 3, no. 4 (2014).