B.S. OLL Accelerated Courses Deadlines

Bachelor of Science Program in Organizational Leadership and Learning (B.S. OLL)

Fall 2017 Accelerated Courses

The Bachelor of Science Program in Organizational Leadership in Learning (B.S. OLL) is offering 8-week accelerated courses during the Fall 2017 Semester. The following courses will be offered in an accelerated format during Fall 2017, which include the following courses:

First 8-Weeks (August 21 – October 13, 2017)

  • **Prior Learning Assessment (ELFH 300-50)
  • Prior Learning Assessment (ELFH 300-91)
  • Manage Projects Work (ELFH 341-53)
  • Manage Projects Work (ELFH 341-91)
  • HR Fundamentals (ELFH 411-52)
  • Supporting Org Change (ELFH 442-53)

Second 8-Weeks (October 16 – December 12, 2017)

  • Prior Learning Assessment (ELFH 300-51)
  • **Needs Assessment (ELFH 311-96)
  • HR Fundamentals (ELFH 411-54)
  • Diversity in Workplace (ELFH 414-96)
  • Workplace Information and Ethnics (ELFH 578-50)
  • Workplace Information and Ethnics (ELFH 578-51)
  • Workplace Information and Ethnics (ELFH 578-91)

**Hybrid class format - some classes will meet face-to-face, and some classes will meet online.

What you need to know about taking an accelerated course in the B.S. OLL Program:

  • The first eight week course session meets the first half of the semester, beginning August 21, 2017 and ending October 13, 2017.
  • The second eight week course session meets the second half of the semester, beginning October 16, 2017 and ending December 12, 2017.
  • The content, instruction, and learning outcomes are the same as a 16 week course.
  • Students who received federal financial aid must be enrolled for the entire 16 weeks, meaning that if you take accelerated courses during only the first half of the semester you may jeopardize your eligibility for federal aid. Consult the Student Financial Aid Office (finaid@louisville.edu)
  • Grades for first half of term classes will not be officially posted on your transcript until the end of the regular academic semester (after December 15, 2017), but you may receive information about your grade from your instructor following the conclusion of a first half of term class.

ELEOD 8-week Course Add/Drop & Refund Schedule, 2017-2018 Academic Years

Assumptions and Rules:

  • 8-week course students do not observe holidays or breaks for academic study/learning purposes (i.e., uninterrupted 40 days of study)
  • 8-week course students do observe holidays for administrative purposes (i.e., holiday impacts adding/dropping)
  • References UofL’s official 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Academic Year calendars for each appropriate academic year
  • References UofL’s official 2017-2018 Atypical Duration Schedule for both academic years (i.e., 2018 applied forward to 2019)

Fall Semester 2017

Class DatesLast Date to Add100% REFUND, No "W" on Transcript50% REFUND, "W" on Transcript25% REFUND, "W" on Transcript0% REFUND, "W" on Transcript
Session #1
8-weeks:Aug 21 to Oct 13
(37 days)
Aug 23, 2017Aug 23, 2017Aug 30, 2017Sep 5, 2017Sep 21, 2017
Session #2
8-weeks: Oct 16 to Dec 12
(39 days)
Oct 18, 2017Oct 18, 2017Oct 25, 2017Oct 30, 2017Nov 16, 2017
Full Term 16-weeks:
Aug 21 to Dec 12
Aug 25, 2017Aug 25, 2017Sep 11, 2017Sep 18, 2017Oct 20, 2017

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