Proficiency Evaluation

The Proficiency Evaluation process is designed for Kentucky certified teachers (with a current license) who are interested in:

  • adding a content certification at the Middle Grades, Secondary or P-12 level
  • extending a current content certification to Middle Grades or Secondary
  • adding an endorsement
  • Listing of and

    Content Certifications
    Art (P-12)
    Biology (8-12)
    Business (5-12)
    Chemistry (8-12)
    Earth Science (8-12)
    English (5-9) & (8-12)
    French (P-12)
    Mathematics (5-9) & (8-12)
    Physics (8-12)
    Science (5-9)
    Social Studies (5-9) & (8-12)
    Spanish (P-12)

    Classroom Reading Endorsement
    Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement
    English as a Second Language Endorsement
    Instructional Computer Technology Endorsement

Candidates who are considering this process should be able to answer “yes” to the following:

  1. I have explored adding certification through the ”Highly Qualified Route to Certification in Additional Areas” CA-HQ process ( offered by KY Education Professional Standards Board and have decided this is not the appropriate route for me.
  2. I have college course work and/or teaching experience in the content/endorsement area I would like to add.
  3. I understand there is a $200 non-refundable fee.
  4. Candidates who answer "no" to #2 above, are encouraged to explore adding/extending certifications or adding endorsements through a traditional process. Please contact Betty Hampton at to discuss options.

The first step in the Proficiency Evaluation process is to submit documentation for a preliminary review (see below for more information). Once the review has been completed, an email response will be sent indicating next steps. Please note that if approved to continue with the proficiency evaluation process, there will be a $200 non-refundable fee required.

Additional documentation will then be requested regarding professional dispositions. Additional documentation may also be required regarding course work (such as syllabi) and experiences. All information will be reviewed to determine eligibility for recommendation of the additional certification/endorsement, or if additional course work and/or experiences are needed before a recommendation can be made.

If additional course work and/or experiences are required, an Educator Learning Plan (ELP) will be developed. (All requirements of the ELP must be satisfied within two years.) Once the ELP has been developed, an employment eligibility letter will be provided. Candidates, who are selected for a position in the certification area being sought, must obtain a written offer of employment from the school district. Candidates can then be recommended for a one year proficiency provisional certificate – which may be renewed one time.

Preliminary Review Process

If you would like to proceed with the Proficiency Evaluation, please collect the documentation below and email to

  1. Evaluation Request form
  2. Brief letter identifying certification/endorsement area(s) of interest with rationale and summary of the evidence (e.g. work and/or other experiences) you wish to be considered as the basis for adding/extending certification
  3. Copy of all college or university transcripts
  4. Detailed resume including all grade levels and content areas taught
  5. Communication from principal or school district indicating intent to hire (if applicable)