M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership

Master of Education in Teacher Leadership Program

JCPS Tuition Waiver

Please note: If you are a JCPS teacher in a magnet career academy, you may be eligible for limited tuition at UofL. Please complete the Tuition Waiver Form that can be found on the Office of Career and Technical Education's Kentucky Tech Principals' Resource page. (Scroll down to "Forms" and click on "Tuition Waiver Form."

C.A.R.D.S. Program

JCPS has partnered with the College of Arts and Sciences and CEHD to offer the Competency, Awareness, and Responsiveness to Diverse Students (C.A.R.D.S.) program. The C.A.R.D.S. curriculum can be completed through the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership. Learn more and how to apply...

The M.Ed. Teacher Leadership program is designed for certified teachers who are seeking a master's degree. The program was created in collaboration with P-12 classroom teachers, school district specialists, university faculty, and school administrators to prepare teachers to be leaders in their classrooms, teams, schools and districts. The program will lead to an endorsement in Teacher Leadership.

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What Makes Our Program Stand Out?

Our M.Ed. program:

  • is personalized to meet your professional goals
  • teaches coaching and mentoring skills to achieve individual and school goals
  • strengthens skills in assessment and differentiated instruction to meet diverse learners’ needs
  • offers brief, intense summer course options as well as some on-line options throughout the school year
  • offers many specialized courses specific to content area and grade level taught by nationally recognized faculty

The program places priority on your classroom and school as the focal points of course discussions, assignments, and assessments which allow you to directly and immediately apply what you are learning.

Concentration Areas

As a graduate student in the Teacher Leadership program, you will work with a faculty mentor/advisor to develop a concentration unique to your professional needs. Some of these concentrations can lead to an Endorsement on your Teaching Certification through Kentucky’s Educational Professional Standards Board.

Teacher Leadership Program Concentrations and Endorsements

teacher and student
  • English as a Second Language – teaching non-English speaking students (Endorsement - can be completed online)
  • Gifted & Talented – differentiating and enriching curriculum (Endorsement)
  • Instructional Technology – using powerful tools to reach beyond the classroom (Endorsement - can be completed online)
  • P-5 Math Specialist – deepening your ability to teach mathematical concepts (Endorsement)
  • Classroom Reading P-12 – developing fluent reading and writing skills (Endorsement - can be completed online)
  • Special Education – enabling all students to embrace and enjoy learning

The leader in me

Special Education Opportunities

  • Special Education Core
  • Learning and Behavior Disorders
  • Autism
  • Moderate and Severe Disabilities
  • Assistive Technology

Note: These options are limited to teachers who are already certified in Special Education

Student testimonials

"Pass the Cap"
Tracy Mobley Smith, teacher ed graduate, created a Pass the Cap" video with her class.
"I am glad I chose the UofL MEd program because it afforded me the opportunity to broaden my depth and understanding of our current educational system. It prepared me to challenge my students as well as challenge myself, and become a competent leader in the field."Jeff Pyle, Full-time M.Ed. student who also works with Jefferson County Schools
"I chose UofL for my degree because it is important to learn current best strategies in literacy from professors that have extensive teaching and research experience. While my job offers daily challenges, I am confident in my abilities to meet the needs of all my students due to the excellent faculty at the CEHD and the mentoring relationships that were built there."Jen Beckman, M.Ed. in Reading '09, teacher with Clark County Schools in Indiana


Developing Teacher Leaders

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The Teacher Leadership Master's program prepares all teachers, regardless of your years of experience, to become a leader. We believe you first become a leader in your own classroom modeling effective practices in instructional and assessment practices, and then extend and expand those skills within your PLC, your school, your district and beyond.

The developmental model includes three levels of leadership:

  • Level I - Teaching Expertise (becoming a leader in your own classroom)
    • Three core course focus on honing your skills as a classroom teacher. Within Level I core courses you will deepen and strengthen your knowledge of assessment practices, learn to work with diverse learners, and use educational research to enhance your own instructional practices.
      • EDAP 637 – Using Assessment to Improve Student Achievement
        This course addresses many assessment concepts along with appropriate instruction and interventions for diverse learners. Learning to use data to identify instructional needs and to analyze a variety of student work.
      • EDAP 638 – Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners
        Learn about differentiated, culturally relevant instructional strategies and materials to improve instruction while integrating technology-enhanced practices to meet diverse learner needs in the 21st century.
      • EDAP 639 – Educational Research in P-12 Setting
        Find the wealth of information contained in educational research, how to apply that information to your own practice, and design a research proposal focused on a topic related to improving public education outcomes.
  • Level II - Specialized Expertise (becoming a leader in an area of interest)
    • There are 6 concentration areas where you may add an Endorsement to your current teaching certification:
      • English as a Second Language, now completely on-line
      • Gifted & Talented
      • Instructional Technology, now completely on-line
      • Classroom Reading P-12, now completely on-line
      • P-5 Math Specialist
      • Special Education
    • In addition to these concentrations, you could create a Level II curriculum in consultation with your advisor.
  • Level III - Beyond the Classroom (becoming a leader in your school)
    • Two Level III core courses have been designed to help you develop and refine leadership skills you need to work more effectively at the classroom, school or district level to support colleagues.
      • EDAP 677 – Developing Collaborative Groups: Facilitating, Coaching and Mentoring
        Enhance effective practice with peers in your school by developing evidence-based strategies to support reflective practices to positively impact student achievement.
      • EDAP 681 – Teacher Leadership in Practice
        This capstone course prepares teacher to actualize their leadership skills in their classrooms and schools by doing an action research project to increase student achievement.

Click here for a sample M.Ed. Teacher Leadership Program Sheet

Additional information about the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership can be found in UofL's Graduate Catalog.

Admission Requirements

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Applicants to the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership program must submit the following:

  • Completed Online Graduate Application for Admission
  • Application fee (non-refundable)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended with a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the Bachelor's degree and a minimum 3.0 GPA or higher for graduate work.

    Applicants who have attended a college or university outside of the United States are also required to submit an evaluation of their transcript through either WES (World Education Services) or ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators). Please note that transcript evaluations can sometimes take several weeks.

    Please have transcripts sent to:
    School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies
    University of Louisville
    Louisville, KY 40292

    If transcripts are sent electronically, please have them sent to the following e-mail: gradadm @ louisville.edu

  • GRE Scores – not required for applicants with a 2.75 minimum undergraduate GPA
  • Two letters of recommendation – Please list the email addresses for two recommenders in the online application. Recommenders will receive instructions and forms that they will complete online.
  • Teaching certificate or statement of eligibility - If you are certified in Kentucky, you are not required to submit this documentation as we have access through the Education Professional Standards Board. Please indicate that on your application.
  • A personal statement of no more than 250-500 hundred words, along with the Personal Statement Cover Sheet [PDF]

  • Signed statement: Technology and Code of Ethics Form [PDF]
  • TOEFL is required of all foreign students from countries in which English is not the native language. Students who hold a baccalaureate or advanced degree from an accredited institution in the U.S. are exempt from this requirement.
  • Note: Meeting GRE score and GPA minimums does not guarantee admission to the program.

Information about the Personal Statement

The personal statement is the applicant's opportunity to demonstrate his/her writing ability as well as provide a personal introduction to the admissions screening committee. The personal statement should be no more than 500 words, and should be double spaced and word-processed. Applicants are encouraged to proofread their writing, and to submit the best work possible. The attached rubric (Ideas to Action Holistic Construct Rubric [PDF]) is provided to help applicants understand how their writing will be evaluated.

In developing the personal statement, applicants are encouraged to identify and describe personal characteristics, abilities, beliefs and goals as well as diverse experiences with children and adolescents, which will contribute to their success as an outstanding educator. Applicants should also review the College of Education and Human Development’s Conceptual Framework, reflecting on the concepts of inquiry, action, and advocacy. Applicants should consider the following questions:

  • How do you demonstrate intellectual curiosity?
  • How do you develop positive relationships and work collaboratively with peers, teachers, and others?
  • How do you demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary to do the daily work of teaching?
  • Can you give examples of your commitment to diversity, equity and social justice?
  • Can you identify characteristics critical to successful teaching (such as dependability, initiative, organization) and give examples of how you exhibit those traits?


If you have questions about applying to the program, please email gedadm@louisville.edu or call Education Advising and Student Services at 502-852-5597.

Contact Us

You must be a certified teacher to apply for the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership. For more information, please contact the person below whose program aligns with your initial certification.

Program Coordinator for the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership

Pam Jett
College of Education and Human Development
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
Office: room 249
Office phone: 502-852-0574

Elementary or Early Childhood Education

Sherri Brown
College of Education and Human Development
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
Office: room 275
Office phone: 502-852-0599

Middle and Secondary Education

Shelley Thomas
College of Education and Human Development
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
Office: room 273
Office phone: 502-852-8090

Special Education

Rob Pennington
College of Education and Human Development
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
Office phone: 502-852-2633

Career Pathways and Degree Endorsement Options for the Teacher Leadership Program

In accordance with 16 KAR 5:010, section 12, upon completion of the M.Ed in Teacher Leadership and a recommendation from the faculty advisor, a candidate may apply for graduation and apply to the EPSB for a Teacher Leadership Endorsement.

Master of Education (30 hour program earning an M.Ed)

  • Teachers are eligible to apply to this program after completing initial teacher certification through a Bachelor's degree or the Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Must hold a teaching certificate

Teacher Leadership Endorsement (Only 15 hours)

  • Complete only Levels I and III of the program
  • Complete within a Rank I or after a Rank I program
  • Complete as a stand-alone endorsement or as part of a Rank I program

For more information about the Teacher Leadership Endorsement-Only Option, please see Endorsements.

Financial Aid

JCPS Tuition Waiver

Please note: If you are a JCPS teacher in a magnet career academy, you may be eligible for limited tuition at UofL. Please complete the Tuition Waiver Form that can be found on the Office of Career and Technical Education's Kentucky Tech Principals' Resource page. (Scroll down to "Forms" and click on "Tuition Waiver Form."

In addition to the financial aid opportunities offered by the University, the College of Education & Human Development also has information about financial aid.

Other financial aid opportunities available include graduate assistantships and other employment opportunities.

Supervising and Resource Teachers

In recognition of valuable service to the preparation of teachers and the need for all teachers to have continual professional growth, a Supervising Teacher or a Resource Teacher for a teacher intern may, with prior approval of the course-offering institution, take a maximum of six (6) credit hours per term at any public postsecondary institution and pay no tuition. The postsecondary institution shall waive the tuition up to a maximum of six (6) credit hours.

To apply, you must complete the Tuition Waiver Certification for Supervising and Resource Teachers Application . Please make certain that all Eligibility Criteria have been met. When completed by the Supervising Teacher and certified by the school principal, return the form to the Student Financial Aid Office at UofL. Students may exercise the tuition waiver option up to twelve months following the assignment.

For additional information, contact Lindsay Driskell at 502-852-8379 or lindsay.driskell@louisville.edu.

I have some credit hours from another program/university. Can the credit be transferred?

Once you are admitted to the program, you may request to transfer up to 6 credit hours if your UofL advisor approves the request. Transfer requests are then submitted to the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies.

What degrees or endorsements do I receive if I complete the UofL Teacher Leadership Program?

Successful candidates will graduate with a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teacher Leadership and receive a Teacher Leadership Endorsement (with possibility of other endorsements within the Specialization). If you already have a Masters degree and seek only the Teacher Leadership Endorsement, you will complete Levels I and III of the Master program.

How long does it take to complete the MEd program?

The program can be completed in as few as two years or as many as six years.

Where are courses being delivered?

Courses are being offered at UofL, JCPS and OVEC district locations. Online courses are still being developed.

Will the UofL Teacher Leadership Endorsement help me prepare for National Board Certification?

Most courses in the UofL Teacher Leadership program are designed to align with at least one of the NBPTS Core Propositions, as well as the Kentucky Teacher Standards (Advanced Level), Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) initiatives, and Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) themes. Each course in the program includes a description of its relationship to NBPTS Core Propositions.

The UofL Teacher Leadership Master's degree program is designed so that candidates practice types of entries required in the National Board Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) portfolio. The NBPTS portfolio is a Rank I option in Kentucky.

How will I be able to individualize my program of study?

After you are admitted, you will meet with a faculty advisor who has been selected based on the specialization area you identified on your application. During your first session, you will use a modified version of the Kentucky Guide to Reflective Classroom Practice [PDF] to design a specialization that will reflect your professional growth plan.

Will this program lead to principal certification?

No, but the CEHD does offer a principal certification program.