Gifted and Talented Endorsement

Earn the Gifted and Talented Endorsement by Completing Just Four Courses!

If you are a licensed teacher and want to broaden your expertise and career options, completing this endorsement will help you reach those goals. The Gifted and Talented Endorsement can be completed online in less than one year!

The Gifted and Talented Endorsement also qualifies for the tuition reduction program. Learn how you can save on tuition.

SPED students

The Gifted and Talented Endorsement:

  • Focuses on the nature and needs of gifted, talented, and creative children in P-12 classrooms
  • Provides ways to increase gifted behaviors in a great number of children than those already identified
  • May also be completed as part of the Master of Education in Teacher Leadership, a Rank I program, or as a standalone endorsement

Course Requirements

  • EDSP 581: Introduction to Gifted Education - Classroom and school-level approaches to identifying, nurturing, and further developing a variety of talents in all children, including but not limited to the areas of intellectual, academic, creative, visual/performing arts, and leadership talent. Delivered online in the summer.
  • EDSP 688: Diverse Populations of Gifted Students - (Prerequisite EDSP 581) Creating a learning environment conducive to meeting the needs of gifted and talented students based on culture, social interaction, skill, knowledge, and interests. Delivered online in the fall.
  • EDSP 689: Curriculum and Instruction for Gifted and Talented Students - (Prerequisite EDSP 581) Curriculum materials and programs, instructional and differentiation strategies, and process skills (creativity, critical thinking, etc.) appropriate for teaching gifted and talented students. Delivered online during the winter session.
  • EDSP 690: Practicum in Gifted Education - (Prerequisites: EDSP 581, 688,689) Application of knowledge, skills, and competencies delineated in the basic courses in gifted and talented education. Practicum may be completed in the spring semester in schools or during summer camps; course sessions related to practicum will be delivered online.

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