Kentucky Teacher Internship Program

Cody Windhorst serves as Regional Coordinator for the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) and is an instructor in the Department of Health and Sport Sciences.

Cody Windhorst

Research indicates that instructional mentoring programs provide a powerful lever for closing the teacher quality gap and ensuring that all students, regardless of differing backgrounds, have a true opportunity for success. KTIP has capitalized on this research by developing a comprehensive and intensive mentor system that enables beginning teachers to become highly skilled in the use of best practice in the classroom

Initially the transition from teacher preparation to induction can be overwhelming. In order to stabilize the first year of teaching, it is imperative that we support those new to the profession by extending a true collaborative effort within the school community. Since 1985, KTIP has facilitated the assignment of a three-member committee to serve each new teacher in the Commonwealth. The committee consists of a building principal, a colleague who serves as a resource teacher and works closely with the intern, and a third member appointed by the university. For this school year, there are 58 of these university representatives, referred to as teacher educators, who are serving 559 interns in this region. The major responsibility of this committee is to act as a mentor group for the new teacher, and provide direction for continuous professional growth. Guidance offered by this committee reinforces efforts undertaken by beginning teachers as they employ strategies designed to demonstrate understanding of the Kentucky Teacher Standards and the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System. The process emphasizes continuous critical study of planning and instructional practice so essential to student learning and proficiency.

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