CEHD Administration

CEHD Administration is listed below and are responsible for the strategic leadership and oversight of all functions of the college.

CEHD Leadership Team

Amy LingoDr. Amy Lingo, Interim Dean and Professor, Special Education
Becki Newton, Assistant to the Dean
Meg HancockDr. Meg Hancock, Special Assistant to the Dean, Associate Professor, Health and Sport Sciences
Marion HambrickDr. Marion Hambrick, Special Assistant to the Dean, Associate Professor, Health and Sport Sciences
Margaret PentecostDr. Margaret Pentecost, Assistant Dean for Student Services
Terri RowlandDr. Terri Rowland, Director, Diversity and Inclusion


Caroline SheffieldCaroline Sheffield, Department Chair of Middle and Secondary Education, Associate Professor, Social Studies Education
Ginevra CourtadeDr. Ginevra Courtade, Department Chair of Special Education, Associate Professor, Moderate and Severe Disabilities
Sherri BrownDr. Sherri Brown, Interim Department Chair of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Associate Professor, Science
Dylan NaegerDr. Dylan Naeger, Department Chair of Health and Sport Sciences, Interim Chair and Assistant Professor, Sport Administration
Mark LeachDr. Mark Leach, Department Chair of Counseling and Human Development, Professor, Ethics and Forgiveness
Jeffrey SunDr. Jeffrey Sun, Department Chair of Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development, Professor, Higher Education Administration



  • Dhiane Bradley, Director of Regulatory Affairs
  • Jonathan Israel, Director of Development
  • Manish Sharma, Director of Assessment
  • Dorothy Vittitow, Director of Marketing and Communications

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