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University of Louisville Hospital

University of Louisville Hospital The University of Louisville Hospital's mission encompasses patient care, education and research. It operates the region’s only Level I Trauma Center. There are 404 licensed beds; full invasive and noninvasive laboratories are available, as well as a cardiovascular surgical program.

It is the main provider of care for indigent patients and serves as a tertiary referral center for the state with an active Stat Flight service.

Cardiology facilities include a 10 bed CCU and a 26 bed Transitional Care Unit. Invasive cardiology services include fully equipped cardiac catheterization laboratories and a separate laboratory for electrophysiology studies and permanent pacemaker implantation.

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530 South Jackson Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

  • Phone:
  • 502-562-3000

University of Louisville Outpatient Center

UofL Outpatient Center University of Louisville Physicians are proud to serve patients in this state-of-the-art, multi-specialty health care facility, located at the corner of Preston and Chestnut Streets in downtown Louisville.

Practicing University of Louisville Physicians are some of the best minds in medicine, dedicated to making a difference in the quality of life of their patients and throughout the region.

In addition to 12 specialty medical practices, the nearly 200,000 square foot facility includes an outpatient surgery center, an imaging center offering a full range of radiological diagnostic testing, a full-service dental practice and an outpatient rehabilitation center

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401 East Chestnut Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

  • Phone:
  • 502-588-6000

Robley Rex VA Medical Center

Robley Rex Veterans Affairs  Medical Center Robley Rex Veterans Affairs Medical Center improves the health of veterans and other eligible patients by providing a continuum of care through an integrated health care delivery system.

This is a 266 bed teaching facility ten minutes away from the medical campus.

It is fully affiliated with University of Louisville Medical School and has 80 residents.

There are over 200,000 Veterans in the VAMC primary service area.

Cardiology facilities include an eight-bed CCU, ten-bed telemetry unit and a state-of-the-art catheterization and electrophysiology laboratory.

Contact VA Medical Center

800 Zorn Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40206

  • Phone:
  • 502-287-4000
    or 800-376-8387

Jewish Hospital

Jewish Hospital Many of Jewish hospital’s clinical programs have achieved national rankings for excellence. Noted for numerous medical firsts in Kentucky, the nation and the world, Jewish Hospital is the site of the nation's first four hand transplants, and the world's first and second successful AbioCor™ Implantable Replacement Heart transplant. The hospital is federally designated to perform all five solid organ transplants - heart, lung, liver, kidney and pancreas.

The Heart and Lung Institute, located in the Rudd Heart & Lung Building, offering the most complete range of cardiovascular and pulmonary services available anywhere in the region. The Institute is also home to multiple clinical trials, bringing the latest medical advancements and research to the bedside.

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200 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, KY 40202

Frazier Rehab Institute

Frazier Rehab Institute

Known for world-class care in comprehensive acute rehab, Frazier Rehab Institute provides extensive therapy across a number of specialties for inpatient and outpatient rehab needs.

With over 50 years of rehab experience, Frazier is committed to the development of programs that combine traditional rehab with innovative therapeutic techniques



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220 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, KY 40202

UofL Physicians - Endocrinology

UofL Outpatient Center

UofL Physicians-Endocrinology provides sophisticated, cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic care for patients with a broad range of hormonal disorders in the Louisville, Southern Indiana and greater Kentucky areas. Our endocrinologists see patients from all over the United States, as far away as New York and Pennsylvania, with complicated endocrine disorders.
We treat endocrine diseases, including those of the pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gland, testes and ovaries, as well as diabeteshypoglycemia, dyslipidemia (high cholesterol) and disorders of calcium metabolism including osteoporosis.
UofL Physicians-Endocrinology is dedicated to advancing the care of patients with endocrine disorders and diabetes in the greater Louisville region.

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401 East Chestnut Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

  • Phone:
  • 502-588-6000