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Scholarships & Awards

by Anthony,Hannah Katharine last modified Jun 27, 2011 04:49 PM

President's Diversity Vision Award 

The President's Diversity Vision Award is designed to honor programs, departments or units, engaged in diversity initiatives which have served to promote the development of an inclusive, diverse campus community, since the inception of the Diversity Plan: Achieving Our Highest Potential in 2003. Nominees or applicants for the award must be participants in a current unit diversity plan.

African American Alumni Council Award

The African American Alumni Council sponsors four scholarship awards available to undergraduate and graduate students. 

Presidential Exemplary Multicultural Teaching Award

Nominations now being accepted for the 2011 Presidential Exemplary Multicultural Teaching Award!

The Presidential Exemplary Multicultural Teaching Award is designed to affirm, value, honor and recognize members of the University teaching staff who have incorporated multicultural and global perspectives into their scholarship, teaching practices and research; accepts the educational principles that cultural literacy should be infused into the core of scholarly research and that education transmits the cumulative knowledge of human kind reflected in a global society; incorporated educational principles and teaching practices that encourage and promote both content and process reflecting the fundamental contributions of diverse groups; encourages and engenders critical thinking, while utilizing varied educational materials strategies and texts.

Woodford R. Porter Sr. Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to African-American students who are residents of Kentucky.  It is based on academic merit, leadership and service. Read more...


University Recognition for Diversity

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