Campus Climate Survey Results

Survey results for the Campus Climate and Diversity Survey for Faculty and Staff

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of President Postel and Provost Billingsley, we are pleased to share the results of the campus climate survey distributed to faculty and staff this fall. Below you will find the results of the climate survey and also the 2014 results, which were not released by the previous administration.

The survey is designed to identify problem areas that can be addressed by the university administration. The vice provost for diversity and international affairs will work with the university community to develop action plans for those areas that warrant further examination. We will develop those plans within 90 days.

This survey also offered respondents a chance to provide comments, and hundreds of you responded. To ensure confidentiality and better organize the comments, we are now grouping them based on themes and will release an executive summary no later than the end of January.

We have set up a survey suggestion form through which you can comment on and make suggestions for improvements based on the findings. We also have set up a registration form for those who wish to participate in focus groups addressing the key issues outlined in the report.

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your participation will help us improve the campus climate now and in the future.


Mordean Taylor-Archer
Vice Provost for Diversity and International Affairs

Bob Goldstein
Vice Provost for Institutional Research, Effectiveness and Analytics 


2017 Campus Climate and Diversity Survey

2014 Campus Climate and Diversity Survey

2017 Campus Climate and Diversity Survey – Qualitative Analysis Executive Summary

2014 Campus Climate and Diversity Survey – Qualitative Analysis Executive Summary

Climate and Diversity Survey Feedback Form

Campus Climate and Diversity Focus Group Form

Two-year survey cycle

 2017-2018 Campus Climate Action Plan

Campus Climate Action Plan Feedback Form


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