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Assessment for Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Many students who attend the University of Louisville experience academic difficulty and begin to question whether they may have a learning disability or attention deficit disorder. It is not unusual for students to remain undiagnosed until college.  Students can sometimes compensate very effectively prior to college.  University life is generally more challenging and difficult than high school.  Reading, writing, and note-taking requirements are greater.  Problems with time management, organization, interpersonal and study skills may become more apparent.  Perhaps it's time to seek an assessment!

Below are some options for obtaining an assessment.

  • U of L Noble H. Kelley Psychological Services Center, 210 Davidson Hall, (502) 852-6782. Call for fee information.
  • U of L Counseling Center, Student Services Annex (located between SAC and Houchens), (502) 852-6585.  Call for fee information.
  • LDA (Learning Disabilities Association) of Kentucky, (502) 473-1256 for information on other sources of assessment. Cost will vary.
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