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Disability Resource Center: Helping to ensure equal access to the University's educational, social, and cultural opportunities

Assessment Overview 2003-2004


    In 2003, in collaboration with three graduate students in the Educational Counseling and Psychology Department, a comprehensive survey (copy attached) was administered to students currently using DRC services. The survey was adapted from one developed by the disability services staff at the University of Michigan and now available as a publication from the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). The survey was developed to gather feedback on the effectiveness of DRC services as well as measure students’ perception of general campus life for students with disabilities. The survey was administered through the mail and follow-up phone calls were made to students with visual impairments offering assistance as needed. Survey results were used to make improvements to DRC services and to make recommendations to other University units.

2003 and 2004

    In 2003 and 2004, the following assessment tools were administered at the close of each semester:

    Assessment of note-takers by students with disabilities using note-taker services, assessment of interpreters by students using interpreter services, assessment of interpreters by direct classroom observation by Coordinator of Services for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students, assessment of accommodated exams for students with disabilities from perspective of faculty. Results of these assessment activities were used to improve service delivery.

    In addition, during each individual in-take meeting with a new student with disability, each professional staff person determined in collaboration with the student the effectiveness of prior accommodations. This portion of the interview was used to assist in determining specific future accommodation strategies for each student.

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