DMS Studios

The Digital Media Suite houses three studio spaces designed for high-quality audio and video recording and photography.  

Video Studio

This space is provided to support students, faculty, and staff in the creation of audio, video, and images for academic purposes.  Supported by the DMS staff, this studio space is available during our regular hours, and it can be reserved using our online system.

In this space you will find the following equipment:

  • HD video camera (Canon Vixia HF G40)
  • Professional-grade shotgun microphonen (Rode NTG2)
  • 6 CFL studio lights with softboxes
  • 2 LED studio bi-color lights
  • Black, green, and white backdrops
  • Voice activated teleprompter system
  • 2 stools
  • tables and other furniture

Audio Studio and Collaboration Space

This space provides support for the creation of audio recordings.  This includes podcasts, video voiceover, narration, etc.  

In this space you will find the following equipment:

  • Two high-quality podcasting microphones 
  • iMac computer with the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite installed
  • multiple tables and chairs for project collaboration

One Button Studio

The One Button Studio is an easy to use video recording space that requires no special knowledge or skill to use.  Your recordings can be directly uploading into Panopto for easy sharing with others.  The One Button Studio also includes a high-quality podcasting microphone for audio recordings.  You will also find an touch-enabled projector that allows for interaction and annotation with computer files or a virtual whiteboard.

 Reserve the One Button Studio

 One Button Studio