The Digital Media Suite (DMS) began as a collaboration between Delphi CenterREACH and the University Libraries in order to offer students access to equipment and support for the creation and editing of images, sound and video. Using the latest tools, students can access, analyze, evaluate and create multimedia projects. Specially trained tutors are available to assist users with projects and to offer technical support. Encouraging and supporting media and visual literacy in students is a primary goal of the DMS. The ability to understand the power of images and sound is a skill needed for the 21st century. Visual and media literacy transcends disciplines and the DMS provides a multimedia work space for creating projects and assignments regardless of area of study.

Users can create videos, digital images, podcasts and DVD's using the latest equipment available. We have seven Mac computers and three PCs available by appointment or drop-in according to availability. In addition to built-in apps such as Movie Maker, iMovie, and GarageBand, we also provide access to Adobe's Creative Cloud Suite (production and design premium packages).

Located in the Learning Commons, the Digital Media Suite complements Media Resources which provides access to film collections, multimedia equipment loans, and two small group viewing rooms.