Hospitality Committee brings positive changes for employees, students and patients

Hospitality Committee brings positive changes for employees, students and patients

New potted flowers

Shortly after Dean T. Gerard Bradley’s arrival at the School of Dentistry last fall, he invited Christine Casissi, director of patient experience at the University of Florida Shands Hospital, to be the keynote speaker at the Faculty and Staff Fall Retreat. Casissi spoke on her work aimed at delivering “personalized, patient-centered care” and the Hospitality Committee was formed to advance that goal at the School of Dentistry. 

The Hospitality Committee, chaired by Shannon Fitzgerald and Dr. James Harrison, consists of four sub-committees planning ways to improve and maintain patient-centered care and a warm, hospitable climate for faculty, staff and students. Those committees are Hospitality, Teamwork, Communication and Professionalism & Responsibility.

The Professionalism & Responsibility Committee recently helped sponsor guest speaker, Dr. Macey Henderson, faculty member of Johns Hopkins University, who educated students, faculty and staff on “Professionalism in Social and Digital Media”. This week, the Hospitality Sub-Committee, chaired by Leanne Hardin, celebrates the addition of new shrubs and flowering potted plants that adorn the main entrances of the School of Dentistry. Other Hospitality committee members include JoAnn Mattingly, Debbie Carrico, Debbie Wright and Dr. Sharon Carpenter.

In addition to aesthetic improvements, the school also is now offering FREE shuttle service from the UofL Healthcare Outpatient Parking Garage at 414 E. Chestnut St. to the school for new and returning patients.

Dean Bradley and the Dental Leadership Council fully embrace the work of these committees and the continuous quality improvement brought to the school and all who give and receive care here.