Asian American Dental Association

Asian American Dental Association

Asian American Dental Association

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by Esther Lee, AADA Secretary

The relationship between health care providers and patients is one of the most significant interactions in the health care field. Proper communication and understanding are the fundamentals of providing patients of varying backgrounds with standardized health care. In order to enrich the cultural understanding of other future dental professionals, several students have formed the Asian American Dental Association (AADA) at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. 

Diversity is a proud and featured characteristic at the University of Louisville. AADA hopes to build on UofL’s diversity mission by providing students who are not familiar with the Asian culture an opportunity to become more knowledgeable. 

AADA plans to share various Asian traditions and experiences through activities such as community service and social events in hopes of familiarizing participants and AADA members about the Asian heritage. AADA hopes these opportunities will allow students and members to feel more comfortable and connected with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Removing stereotypes and prejudice thoughts will allow and encourage open minds and thoughts. Because ultimately, as future dentists, it is important to help patients of diverse backgrounds ease into the dental chair. As an organization, AADA can share knowledge to make this possible. 

Networking events, community service activities, a mentorship program and local professional organization engagement are among the ideas for the group. AADA wants to reach out to the numerous people and communities in Louisville. The new organization hopes to strengthen the core of AADA and benefit the members to what being informed can offer future health care providers. The outlook of AADA is very promising, and the organization’s leadership cannot wait to share what the organization has to offer! For more information, contact


August 22, 2016