Honor Roll of Donors

Honor Roll of Donors

2011 ULSD Honor Roll of Donors

We are honored to acknowledge and thank the many donors who have chosen to support the School of Dentistry. The donors in this list are responsible for much of the school’s growth, and are an important part of our collective success. This Honor Roll acknowledges contributions of $1,000 or more made from July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011.

If you find an error or omission, please accept our sincere apologies and contact Jessica Roth at (502) 852.2892 or jessica.roth@louisville.edu so that we can make the appropriate correction.

Second Century members of University of Louisville’s 1798 Society

President's Level ($50,000+)

Drs. Vicki M. Lindauer and Ralph J. DeDomenico
Dr. O. Wayne Mortenson

Dean's Level ($10,000-$49,999)

Anonymous (3)
Dr. Douglas D. Durbin
Dr. Thomas C. Garner
Erica and Dr. Lawrence Gettleman
Dr. John H. Huang
Susan B. and Dr. Gary O. Inman
Dr. Leslie M. McGuinn
Penelope and Dr. Robert L. McGuinn
Kelly O. and Dr. Glenn D. Spradlin

Founder's Level ($5,000-$9,999)

Dr. Rodney L. Anthony
Allyson B. and Dr. Gary C. Ball
Dr. Michael R. Bishop
Dr. Charles Black III
Dr. William L. Campbell
Linda A. and Dr. David R. Carden
Dr. John A. Colgan, Sr.
Dr. Robey Crowe
Dr. Eric J. Dierks
Dr. Amy B. Farnsworth
Judy A. and Dr. Carl. E. Findley, Jr.
Dr. Duward T. Fulmer
Dr. Eric W. Hickman
Dr. Greg and Amy Inman
Diane and Dr. David C. Jones
Peggy A. and Dr. Greg P. Karem
Victoria L. and Dr. John T. King
Drs. Jo and Christopher L. Mattingly
Carole A. and Dr. John A.* Mattingly
Kathy B. and Dr. Dennis R. Price
Kathryn D. and Todd Purnell
Elaine C. and Dr. John J. Sauk
Virginia S. and Dr. Mark J. Schulte
Dr. Samantha Shaver
Dr. Ryan L. Snyder
Lucy S. and Dr. John N. Williams, Jr.
Dr. Robert C. Wunderle, Jr.

Tower Level ($2,500-$4,999)

Anonymous (1)
Benita and Dr. Douglas G. Ahrens
Joan V. and Dr. Glenn R. Blincoe
Tara S. and Dr. Karl D. Clinard
Tammy and Dr. Christopher J. Cook
Barbara and Dr. Ordie L. Day, II
Dr. J. J. Hannah
Dr. Susan M. King
Dr. Joseph Morelli
Martha G. and Dr. Adam K. Rich
Dr. Jonathan W. Rich
Cheryl Ann and W. Kendall Rich
Dr. Christine A. Roalofs
Dr. Charles W. Tritle
Drs. Pam and Jason E. Walden
Dr. Marcus W. Woods

1798 Level ($1,000-$2,499)

Anonymous (6)
Dr. Paul L. Abbott
Betsy B. and Dr. James E. Adams
Dr. Rick S. Amilian
Patricia M. and Dr. James I. Armbruster, II
Judy P. and Dr. Gerald G. Arnett
Dr. Harold R. Arthur
Drs. Karen W. and Christopher C. Babcock
Dr. Thomas M. Baldwin
Tommy and Vickie Bale
Elizabeth B and Dr. Ernest A. Barnes, Jr.
Mary S. and Dr. Daniel J. Barton
Carol H. and Louis B. Bauer
Dr. Carl B. Beard
Dr. Eric D. Bednar
Dr. Gregory H. Bentley
Dr. Aaron S. Berger
Dr. Thomas S. Boatright
Cynthia C. and R. Keith Bowman
Dr. James P. Boyd
Dr. Stephen P. Burke
Dr. Steven M. Byrne
Dr. Marianne E. Campbell
Drs. Elizabeth V. and Richard E. Campbell
Dr. Tammra S. Catron
Dr. Thomas W. Center
Dianne L. and Dr. Peter R. Christensen
Dr. Brett R. Coleman
Susan and Dr. George D.N. Coletti
Dr. Daniel R. Collins
Dr. Anastasia M. Combs
Dr. Kathleen W. Corbett
Drs. Susan J. and Gary A. Crim
Tonya and Dr. Paul M. Curtis, Jr.
David A. Cutrell
Drs. Nancy D. and Damon W. DeArment
Dr. Ansley H. Depp
Dr. Linda A. and Paul A. DiFranco
Dr. Julian M. Dismukes, III
Sheryl R. and Dr. Walter D. Distler
Dr. Lewis E. Dowden
Dr. Christopher S. Dunn
Ann D. and Dr. James B. Edwards
Dr. James R. Elias, Jr.
Dr. William D. Engilman
Dr. Jessica J. Eugenio
Dr. Robert L. Ferdinand
Dr. Robert G. Fitch
Dr. James R. Fleenor
Sheri and Dr. Russell H. Ford
Dr. Peter G. Fotos
Dr. Robert Fowler, Jr.
Ryan and Dr. Charles B. Fox
Dr. Harold L. Frank
Lisa C. and Dr. Robert L. Franklin, Jr.
Dr. Robert J. Fuchs
Beverly S. and Dr. D. L. Gambrall
Dr. Daniel S. German
Dr. Richard C. Gilbert
Sandra R. and Dr. Jack W. Groover, Jr.
Dr. Timmi J. Hagan
Sandy B. and Dr. Mark F. Hammond
Dr. Fitzhugh N. Hamrick
Dr. Kimberly S. Hansford
Dr. Jerry Ray Harrison
Dr. H. T. Hendrickson, Jr.
Scott H. Horsley
Dr. Frederick W. Howes
Dr. Alan S. Hyden
Elizabeth G. and Dr. James M. Johnson
Dr. William R. Johnson
Roberta V. and Dr. B. Edwin Johnson, Jr.
Dr. James D. Justice
Drs. Emily E. and Lawrence R. Kelly
Dr. Clarence S. Key
Dr. Joseph A. Koval, Jr.
Dr. Richard L. Krantz
Drs. Linda S. and David B. Krill
Dr. Jennifer I. Kron
Dr. Karson A. Kupiec
Dr. Gregory S. Lord
Dr. Robert S. Mattingly
Dr. Theresa G. Mayfield
Shaun McGuinn
Dr. Garry A. Meeks, Jr.
Dr. Matthew C. Mitchell
Dr. Maneesh Mohan
Drs. Kelli W. and Matthew T. Morgan
Carolyn B.* and Dr. Jack C. Morris
Dr. Brent W. Mortenson
Dr. Jeffrey S. Mortenson
Dr. Matthew Mortenson
Dr. Todd D. Mortenson
Elena and Dr. Dean Morton
Dr. Calvin L. Mott
Elizabeth W. and Dr. Alton E. Neurath, Jr.
Dr. John A. Nicholson
Dr. Kimberly D. and Jeffery R. Owen
Dr. Selena Pape
Dr. Mittida Raksanaves and Dr. Daniel E. Pearcy
Dr. Mark W. Perko
Dr. Melanie R. Peterson
Dr. Larry G. Phillips
Dr. Jera B. Redman-Owens
Dr. Danielle L. Renslow
Dr. Christopher L. Ross
Dr. Karen M. Schmitt and Dr. David J. Ross
Cynthia F. and Dr. John A. Roy
Dr. Jason L. Sala
Mary and Dr. Michael L. Sala
Dr. Todd A. Sala
Dr. Jolanta N. Sauer
Janice M. and Captain Michael L. Scholtz, DC, USN
Dr. Phillip M. Schuler
Dr. Stephen T. Schuler
Dr. J. Christian Sheaffer
Dr. Paul A. Shepherd
Mary B. and Dr. Daniel J. Sheridan, Sr.
Dr. Daniela K. Shields
Jean M. and Dr. Fred M. Sims
Dr. James P. Smerdon
Dr. A. Douglas Smiley
Dr. Amy G. Smith
Dr. Danielle M. Haman-Smith and Dr. James E. Smith
Hollie G. and Dr. Samuel G. Smith
Drs. Heather L. and Orville J. Stein, Jr.
Sherry L. and Allen F. Steinbock
James A. Steltenpohl D.M.D. and Ann Marie Simms Steltenpohl
Dr. John L. Stohl
Dr. Carol M. Summe and Dr. Kevin M. Walsh
Susan R. and Dr. Thomas R. Thurman
Dr. Susan E. Vickers
Dr. Gwinn Vonnahme
Dr. Earl D. Walker
Dr. Heather L. Walker
Dr. Terry Wang
Drs. Tony and Crunchy Wells
Cynthia and Dr. Gregory A. West
Dr. G P. Whiteside
Dr. Robert L. Wiggs
Dr. Sally R. Willis
Ruth E.* and Dr. William E.* Willis
Drs. Solitaire S. and Stephen P. Wix
Frederick V. Wright
Sherri and Dr. James R. Wright, Jr.
Janet R. and Dr. David E. Yates
Dr. Matthew S. Yeh
Dr. Sherrie W. and Russell B. Zaino
Dr. Curtis R. Zimmerman