Grant Successes for Dan Miller and Zack Fitzsimonds

Grant Successes for Dan Miller and Zack Fitzsimonds

The OIID department is proud to celebrate two new successful NIDCR grants to junior researchers 

  • Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Dan Miller was awarded a K99-R00
  • DMD-PhD candidate Zackary Fitzsimonds was awarded an F30. 

Both of these grants are awarded to only the most promising junior scientists.

Dan MillerZackary Fitzsimonds

K99-R00 grants are designed to facilitate the transition of outstanding postdoctoral researchers from mentored postdoctoral positions to independent, tenure-track faculty positions.

Dr. Miller's research project is entitled, Polymicrobial Synergy Between Treponema denticola and Porphryomonas gingivalis.  The goal of his study is to understand the cooperative metabolism and signaling between these two important periodontal pathogens that promotes disease.

F30 grants are designed to enhance the progress outstanding dual degree candidates to train the next generation of clinician scientists.

Oral Cancer is the eleventh most frequently diagnosed cancer in the world, and has approximately a 50% survival rate 5 years post diagnosis. Mr. Fitzsimonds research project, entitled, Regulation of ZEB1 by Porphyromonas gingivalis in gingival epithelial cells, will examine the intricate molecular interplay between a keystone periodontal pathogen and epithelial cells of the gingiva.  The aim of research will be to understand how interactions between microbe and host can lead to an environment conducive to cancer.