Ricardo Caicedo

Ricardo Caicedo, Doctor in Odontology

Current Position: Associate  Professor

Phone: 502-852-4004

Fax: 502-852-3333

E-mail: ri.caicedo@louisville.edu

Background: Colombian Dental College, Colombia, Doctor in Odontology

Faculty Practice Location
401 E. Chestnut Street, Suite 550
Louisville, KY  40202

Research Interests
Endodontic Biomaterials and Randomized clinical trials and Cohort studies

Teaching Activities
Course DirectorEndodontics I
Senior Elective in Endodontics

Course Participation
Endodontics II (2 lectures, 2 hours)
Pedo Residents, Dental Traumatology course 6 Hours (3 lectures)

Current Projects
2006- 2008 clinical trial of teeth with chronic apical periodontitis filled with GuttaFlow filling material  SPONSOR BY Nordic Institute of  Dental Materials, NIOM, Norway,

Effectiveness of three different obturation methods in the filling of a simulated lateral defect.

ULSD Student Review Council   2007 – Present
University of Louisville Senate Committee 2007-2010
Member of the FPP Board of Governors
Foundation of the HAD Hispanic Dental Association UL Chapter

Honors and Awards
Omikron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society

Support Staff
Jennifer Baker, Administrative Assistant (502-852-1318)

Caicedo R, Castellon P, Fullmer J, Using GuttaFlow®, ParaPost® Fiber Glass, and ParaCore Build-up Materials to Restore Damaged Teeth INSIDE DENTISTRY— PP 3-4, JANUARY 2007

Caicedo, R., Clark, S.J. Modern Perspectives in Root Canal Obturation. Dental CE Digest. Vol. 4: 1-12, 2007.

Journal Articles:
Ross C, Scheetz J, Crim G, Caicedo R, Morelli J, Clark S.  Variables affecting endodontic recall.  Int Endod J.  42(3):214-219, 2009.

Caicedo, R, Clark SJ:  Modern perspectives in root canal obturation.  Endod Practice  23-32, April, 2009.

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Caicedo R, Abbott PV, Alongy DJ, Alarcon MY. Clinical, radiographic and histological analysis of MTA used in direct pulp capping and pulpotomies of primary teeth.   Australian Dental Journal, 2007; 51:4

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