Dynamic Curriculum

  • Curriculum is continuously evaluated to keep pace with the demands of modern dentistry
  • Student members serve on the curriculum committee to provide valuable input from their experiences and their needs
  • Students begin learning dental anatomy and operative dentistry three weeks after arriving for the freshman summer term.
  • Newly formed interdisciplinary Department of Oral Health and Rehabilitation focuses periodontology, endodontology, dental hygiene, and implant and esthetic dentistry

The first two years of the D.M.D. curriculum focus on the studies necessary to prepare each student for the clinical practice of dentistry and for the National Boards, Part I, including courses in the basic sciences, pre-clinical techniques and behavioral sciences. Students utilize the Simulation Clinic to gain experience in diagnosis and pre-clinical procedures. First and second year students also gain clinical experience in various dental disciplines through direct patient contact.

The third and fourth year curricula include advanced basic science, clinical and practice management courses and extensive clinical patient treatment using a comprehensive care system. Students complete rotations in pediatric dentistry and oral surgery.

An extramural rotation is required. During this experience students are placed in practices throughout Kentucky and nationally through the Public Health Service's/Co-Step Program and the military.

Senior elective courses permit students to explore the many different aspects of the profession which are of special interest to them personally.

For a complete list of courses with descriptions, see the listing below by year.