An interview is required prior to all offers of acceptance at ULSD.


Interviews are typically conducted on Mondays from late August through January. In order to make airline reservations, ULSD admissions attempts to send interview invitations 2-4 weeks in advance of the interview day appointment.

Interview Format:

Applicants will participate in two one-on-one interviews with a faculty member and/or a current dental student.


  • Know thyself.

  • Know why ULSD is the best place for you.

  • Research the school thoroughly.

  • Honesty is the best policy.

  • Be in control of emotions- prepare yourself!

  • Above all, be sincere.

Residency Determination

Because the Commonwealth of Kentucky subsidizes dental education for Kentucky residents, the determination of residency in the state has a significant impact on tuition costs. Any applicant who is unsure of his or her Kentucky residency status should review the regulation "Determination of Residency Status for Admission and Tuition Assessment Purposes" as provided by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE). The regulation is used by Kentucky state-supported postsecondary institutions pursuant to KRS 164.020 and KRS 164.030 and is codified as 13 KAR 2:045, Determination of Residency Status for Admission and Tuition Assessment Purposes.

This regulation provides guidance for the ULSD Residency Determination Committee to make the initial determination of residency at interview. Applicants who declare Kentucky residency may be asked to provide proof of residency documentation if the Committee cannot find sufficient evidence to declare the applicant a resident of Kentucky for purposes of admission and tuition assessment. This Committee will inform the applicant of his or her residency status prior to an offer of admission and any offer will be specifically described as an "in-state" or "non-resident" offer. Non-residents must sign an agreement to pay non-resident tuition for the duration of enrollment in the DMD program.