Traditional Admission

Traditional Admission

For college students or college graduates. U.S. and International applications accepted


Application Process beings 13 months PRIOR to enrollment.


  • EARLY JUNE Submit AADSAS application online *APPLY EARLY!
  • LATE JUNE Pay $65.00 application fee upon request
  • Submit 3 letters of recommendation or 1 pre-professional school committee evaluation to AADSAS

Early August

  • Submit all official transcripts to AADSAS and VERIFY receipt
  • Authorize submission of official DAT scores to AADSAS

Late August - February

  • Interviews
  • Offers and acceptances begin December 1
  • Acceptances from alternate list
  • January 1: Deadline for Applications

Academic Requirements

Pre-Dental students are encouraged to complete a variety of undergraduate courses, particularly in the sciences. Applicants must have completed at least 90 undergraduate semester hours before applying and most will have earned a bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling in dental school. Admission to dental school is competitive and preference is given to individuals with bachelor’s degrees.

No specific major is required of pre-dental students; however, 32 hours of science courses must be completed in a U.S. or Canadian school. Students enter dental school with majors as wide-ranging as business, chemistry, English, engineering, foreign languages, and the social sciences. Many pre-dental students major in biology because the recommended courses for dental school coincide well with a biology major. Students need 60 or more college semester credit hours from four year institutions.

Required courses (labs are required for all science courses where labs accompany the course):

  • General Chemistry (2 semesters/3 quarters)
  • Organic Chemistry (2 semesters/3 quarters)
  • Physics (1 semester/2 quarters)
  • Biology (4 semesters/ 6 quarters at minimum). Beyond the introductory course we suggest that you choose from among the following courses:
    • biochemistry (strongly recommended)
    • comparative anatomy or upper level human anatomy (strongly recommended)
    • physiology
    • cellular biology
    • histology
    • microbiology
    • immunology
    • other upper level biology courses

Applicants must have earned grades of "C" or better in required basic science courses and accompanying labs to fulfill the science prerequisite requirements. Accepted applicants must complete all planned courses listed on their AADSAS application prior to matriculation.

Deviations from these requirements must be approved by the Admissions Committee.

It is expected that all applicants will have completed general education requirements and have received a broad exposure to the humanities and social sciences. Additional courses students have found helpful are biochemistry, fine arts, personal and business finance, psychology, and communications.

Dental students require both cognitive and technical skills to negotiate the curriculum. With this in mind, applicants must be able to meet the minimum technical standards for admission and matriculation with or without accommodation.

  • All acceptances will be made with the contingency that candidates must consent to, submit to, and satisfactorily complete a criminal background check investigation as a condition of matriculation into ULSD (see ULSD Admissions Policies for details)

Students offered conditional admission must meet all conditions stipulated in their letter of acceptance including successful completion of all courses which were in-progress or planned at the time their application was submitted.

Admissions Criteria

The ULSD Admissions Committee is charged by the school's faculty with selecting applicants who demonstrate the academic, cultural, social and personal abilities to become competent general dentists who will serve the community and fulfill our diverse urban and statewide missions.

The University of Louisville School of Dentistry gives equal opportunity without regard to race, color, creed or religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental handicaps or disabilities, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or other factors, prohibited by law. The university, when requested provides reasonable accommodations for disabled individuals who provide required documentation.

The committee uses an Admissions Index system. Selection criteria are divided into academic and non-academic components. Academic factors comprise 60 percent and include:

  • Overall G.P.A.
  • Biology/chemistry/physics G.P.A.
  • DAT scores

The remaining 40 percent are non-academic and include the letters of recommendation, the required "on-site" interview and an evaluation of personal qualities such as:

  • Perceived motivation to pursue a career in dentistry
  • Maturity
  • Communication skills
  • Strength of pre-dental curriculum
  • Employment
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Contributions to diversity
  • Resiliency

International Applications

ULSD accepts applications from international students who meet eligibility guidelines of the School of Dentistry and the University of Louisville.

Applicants whose native language is not English must submit official TOEFL iBT scores. Preference is given to candidates with a minimum score of 100 and with listening and speaking section scores at 26 or above. The institution code for submitting TOEFL scores to the U of L School of Dentistry is 5933. For more information about TOEFL testing, go to:

Exception: The initial requirement for TOEFL scores may be waived if the applicant has graduated from a U.S. high school or completed at least 90 credit hours at a U.S. accredited institution of higher education. The committee reserves the right to request TOEFL scores if deemed necessary for evaluating proficiency.

If a student is applying with credits from any international post-secondary institutions, the student must submit an official transcript evaluation report from Education Credentials Evaluators (ECE) in additional to the AADSAS application requirements. Foreign transcript evaluations are only accepted from ECE. Those candidates will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

International Applicant Guidelines [DOC]


Applications should not be submitted until all minimum requirements have been satisfied or evidence has been provided that they will be satisfied before the date for which admission is requested. Acceptance to the School of Dentistry is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all requirements and conditions of admission. All planned courses listed on the AADSAS application must be completed or waived by Admissions Chair. Acceptance may be withdrawn for failure to maintain high scholastic or behavioral standards during the remainder of pre-dental training. The School of Dentistry may accept applications for transfer if there are spaces available.


Enrollment of new students is accomplished by the university's acceptance of the advance tuition deposit and approved admission by the School of Dentistry once all conditions of enrollment are successful met. The advance tuition deposit is non-refundable.

Criminal Background Check Policy

As in many other dental schools in the United States, ULSD offers of admission are contingent upon submission of an acceptable background check. Applicants are strongly advised to fully disclose all charges and outcomes, regardless of conviction status as they may appear on the comprehensive background check. Reporting a violation does not automatically disqualify an applicant from further consideration, but failure to disclose legal and academic violations may result in withdrawal of an offer.

Transfer Admissions Criteria

Transfer students need to comply with the transfer admissions criteria. The School of Dentistry considers transfer applications on a case-by-case basis.

Admissions Tests

All applicants are required to take the Dental Admissions Test (DAT), which is administered through the American Dental Association (ADA).

These computer exams are given at testing centers across the U.S. Contact the ADA to make reservations to take the DAT.

DAT scores must be less than 2 years old as of application cycle opening date. Go to for more information.

You will not be allowed to retake the exam until the 90 day period between test dates has occurred. Testing centers become overbooked as the admissions cycle peaks in the fall/winter semesters. There is a 90 day “block out” period after the exam. If you chose to retake the test you will not be allowed to do so for 90 days.

Department of Testing Services
American Dental Association
211 East Chicago Avenue , Suite 1846
Chicago, IL 60611-2678
(312) 440-2689 or (800)-621-8099
(ask for the DAT office)

Early Admission to Dentistry

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