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Transcript of ULSD Innovations Video

Dr. Theresa G. Mayfield, D.M.D.
Acting Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Here at the University of Louisville our motto is “It’s Happening Here”. Today, we would like to show you what is happening here at our School of Dentistry. Our building and clinical facilities have undergone a complete renovation. New technology with an improved comprehensive educational program complements this change. Our dynamic curriculum incorporates this technology and better methodologies to prepare our practitioners for the future. Let’s take a glimpse at what’s happening at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry.

Dr. Bryan T. Harris, D.M.D.
Asst. Professor, Oral Health & Rehabilitation

The digital scanner is an optical wand and we photograph pictures and we take multiple pictures and build a three dimensional image and what it does, it replaces us taking a metal tray and taking an impression. We have to deal with water and distortions of materials and so what this does is, it makes it an easier experience for our patients and for me, the big impact is to be able to use a computer to allow students to look and manipulate the images and really see what they’re doing in the mouth. What our students get is the opportunity to see what’s right around the corner for them. This technology is going to be more and more infiltrated into our dental market.

Dr. Ann L. Greenwell, D.M.D.
Dir., Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program

The Home of the Innocents is a pediatric convalescence center which houses severely handicapped special needs patients. Our pediatric dental residents have been going there for years. And now our DMD students are also going there on rotation in the new dental clinic that they have built. So this is an experience; they’re developing skills that will carry them into private practice that will allow them to treat patients that many, many other general dentists are not able to treat. These special need patients are living longer; medical care for them has improved so that in their careers as general dentists they will be asked from time to time to treat severely handicapped special needs patients and our graduates will be capable of doing that because of this experience.

Dr. William C. Scarfe, B.D.S., M.S.
Professor, Radiology and Imaging Sciences

We have been involved with Cone-Beam technology at the school of dentistry here since 2004 and currently we have three units available. The one you see behind me here is used for in the orthodontic area to look at the full scan. DMD students are involved in many of the aspects of orthodontics and implant placement and also methodology as well. And I have the opportunity to watch the scan being performed and also then to use the data to assist the patients in their treatment plans. We’ve been involved in a lot of research that have been presented nationwide, also internationally, based upon many of the masters’ students who are also DMD students. So this is an important opportunity that we believe that graduates can obtain here at UofL - which is different than other universities. We’re going to a completely digital environment, not only in two dimensional imaging which is mostly intra-oral radiography and panoramic radiography, but also three dimensional imaging. So this type of information is now accessible through our patient management system here at the school which gives a real-time applicability to looking at this type of data for the students and also the instructors that are involved with it.

Dr. Theresa G. Mayfield, D.M.D.
Acting Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Come join us and start your future here at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry.

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