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Dental School Recruitment Video Transcription

Alex Musser: The Curriculum here at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry is very dynamic. We start operative dentistry day one. We had drills in our hands cutting on teeth and learning how to use the drill. They know what they’re doing, they know what we’re going to be getting into, and they know how to teach it.

Christine Halliday: I chose University of Louisville School of Dentistry because they have a state of the art simulation lab, which is incredible because every dental procedure can be done on a simulated patient. And you can also have one on one interaction with your professor and get their tricks of the trade so you’re fully prepared for clinic. If you’re ever looking for any where to study or someone to study with it’s not hard to find. There are study groups all around you as well as an easy access library right across the street, the Kornhauser library. And it’s a place where you can go late at night and study and feel safe and it’s a great environment to study.

Tabitha Ikpechukwu: I know that the theme here at UofL is “It’s Happening Here”, and it truly is happening here. The exposure to the different specialties they have here at UofL, there’s the periodontics program, orthodontics, endodontics, pediatrics, oral surgery and even the GPR Program that’s held over at the hospital. The programs that they have here will really set any student apart and give them that experience that they need if that’s the specialty that they want to go into. There are so many organizations here at UofL it’s great. That’s one of the things that actually interested me into coming here. I see my classmates in the classroom, but it’s nice to be able to work alongside of them and to be engaged in what they’re doing, and their ideas, and you can do that in these organizations as well.

Sashi Parameswarau: There’s numerous service learning and community outreach programs. Each year the school dedicates an entire day to providing dental care for kids through the “Smile Kentucky Program”. There’s also a program where we work with the “Remote Area Medical”, or RAM, where we travel to Eastern Kentucky and provide palative care to a great majority of people in Applachia. There’s also international service learning projects where we go to Belize and the Philippines and provide similar care. The newest department at the UofL School of Dentistry is the Department of Oral and Rehabilitative Health. Where we work on very complex treatment plans with the prosthodontic faculty and discuss really cutting edge treatments like implants and aesthetic dentistry. This is really unique because in most dental schools you don’t get to be exposed to this much of the cutting edge topics, and we get to do that here while we’re still in school.

Hannah Oliver: I chose UofL School of Dentistry because the people, the clinic faculty, because I did my dental school here I got to know the faculty really well. It’s a clinical based program, a lot of them are based more toward research, and it was just the best fit for me. I interviewed about 11 different programs, and they were all great, but I liked UofL the best. My whole experience at UofL has just been way better than I ever expected. I changed my major about five times in college because I just thought “Man, I do not want to put in the time to do dental school, it’s a long time”.  It flew by so fast, and I’ve made so many friends.

Alex Musser: You aren’t just coming to a school, you’re entering into a family here. Everyone is just very, very nice here at the school and in Louisville. Maybe it’s a Kentucky thing. I’m from Florida and maybe it’s the southern hospitality.

Christine Halliday:  When I came for my interview Dr. William Mansfield was there and came and sat down with me and talked with me about my life and was really interested in me. And that made me realize that this school, they weren’t about weeding you out, they were about helping you. They were about teaching you what they know in the profession and also helping you succeed.

Hannah Oliver: I love my classmates, I love what I’m doing. I like socializing with the faculty here still that I went to dental school with. It’s just a really close bond, which is what I think is so unique about UofL.

Tabitha Ikpechukwu: I decided to come to UofL because UofL cares and they’re interested in me as a student and I saw that from day one. I knew this was a chapter in my life and UofL becomes that chapter in your life to where you can look back and you can see the awesome things that you were able to do here. And when I pictured that for myself in the beginning I knew this was were I needed to be.

Sashi Parameswarau: I’m really glad that I picked this school. It’s been the greatest decision I’ve ever made.

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