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FAQ for DMD Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are accepted each year? How many in-state and out-of-state?

The University of Louisville School of Dentistry (ULSD) DMD program accepts 120 students to our entering class each year. The student body is typically comprised of about 37% Kentucky residents and the remainder coming from other states and countries.

How many total applications do you receive each year?

For the past several years the ULSD has received approximately 3,000 applications.

How do I apply to ULSD?

The ULSD participates in the ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) located in Washington, DC. Application is accessed online at

How many applicants do you interview each year?

The Admissions Committee interviews an average of 450 applicants each cycle. Interviews are by invitation of the Admissions Committee and all accepted applicants must participate in the interview process.

What all does the admissions committee look for in an application?

There are a few important elements which are important. It’s important to show all prerequisite courses are complete or will be completed. Shadowing general practice dentists (more than 1 or 2) is very important since the committee wants to know that you have a full understanding of what the dental profession is all about. The Admissions Committee wants to see more than 40 hours of shadowing general dentists. Next is community service since dental health care providers become leaders in the community where they practice and live. It is important to prove those abilities and show leadership qualities. The GPA and DAT scores are important along with strong interaction with classmates.

When should I take the DAT?

First, you should take the exam when YOU are ready! In the very best scenario, taking the DAT by August 1 during the year you are applying (apply in early June that year) to AADSAS will give you an edge in having all your application materials complete (we need official DAT scores to consider your application complete). If you need/want to retake the DAT, you will have time in your application plan to retake the DAT by early to mid-November so that your application is updated with new DAT scores before the December 1 signing date.

Do you accept Canadian DAT scores?

Our DMD program accepts the Canadian DAT scores.

Do I have to send DAT scores directly to the school?

Official DAT scores are processed through AADSAS and sent directly to dental schools for which the applicant has applied.

Should I wait to submit my application until I have taken the DAT?

NO! Please apply to AADSAS early (June) to assure timely completion of the application process and further consideration by the Admissions Committee for possible interview invitation.

Does your school require a secondary application?

Although we do not require secondary application materials, applicants invited to participate in the interview day are required to provide two supplemental documents upon arrival to our school. Those documents are sent to applicants prior to the interview for review and completion.

What are your GPA and DAT averages for accepted students?

The University of Louisville School of Dentistry Class of 2015 (freshman class) overall GPA entering dental school was 3.58. The DAT academic average was 19 with the Perceptual section score at 20.

Do AP credits count toward prerequisite courses?

Yes, as long as the 4 year institution from which you will acquire your BS/BA degree will count those courses toward your degree, we will honor them also.

Do I need to complete all prerequisite courses before applying?

No, but all courses should be either completed, in progress or planned to be completed by June 30 of the year in which you intend to matriculate into dental school. You MUST have all the prerequisite courses along with the labs completed before Orientation begins on July 1 to be eligible for admittance to our program. It is best if you add all courses planned and in progress to your AADSAS application materials. The Admissions Committee will be able to see that you have planned to take all the required courses before July 1. This will enhance your chances of being invited to an interview as well.

Can I take prerequisite courses at a community college?

Yes! You may take lower level prerequisite courses at a junior/community college setting as long as they will transfer to your 4 year university for college credit toward your ultimate degree. The standard rule is only 60 college credits are eligible towards admission to dental school. All subsequent college credits and all upper level Biology courses must be taken in a 4 year institution.

Can I take prerequisite courses online?

Typically, the same rule applies to online courses as the junior/community college setting. If the online course is transferable towards your college BS/BA degree in a 4 year institution, it is acceptable. It is next to in impossible to take online upper level biology courses and labs that should accompany those courses online. It is most advantageous to stick with the lower level courses online and move toward classroom settings for the upper level courses.

Do you require a specific major?

No. You may major in any subject you wish as long as you complete the required prerequisite basic science courses.

Is an interview required for admission?

YES! All successful accepted candidates are required to participate in the interview day process.

How will I know if I am selected for an interview?

Interview invitations are sent via the email address reported on your AADSAS application with a response deadline date and further instructions to confirm your date included in the email invitation.

If I am a re-applicant, will I need to resubmit DAT scores and letters?

You will need to resubmit those materials to AADSAS. However, you will be able to access your previous cycle application online to make adjustments, update and save to the new cycle.

How many letters of evaluation does your school require?

The ULSD Admissions Committee requires 3 letters of evaluation which include 2 basic science professors (Biology and/or Chemistry) and 1 personal letter which can be submitted from a variety of sources including dental health professionals or supervisors, if employed. You may also use your University Pre-Professional Committee Evaluation, which will fulfill all three of your letter requirements.

When should I submit my application fee?

Please wait until our Admissions office contacts you via the email address you submitted on AADSAS. We will ask you to submit your $65.00 application fee and give you instructions on how you can submit the fee payment online. You will also receive another email confirmation when the fee is paid and what your next steps should be to complete your application with our school.

If I plan to retake the DAT, is it possible that my application will be rejected based on my old scores before I am able to submit my new scores?

Completed applications are reviewed by the screening committee in an ongoing basis throughout the application cycle. Any time completed applications are updated with any new information, the screening committee reviews those updated materials for further consideration for invitation to interview with the Admissions Committee.

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