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UofL enhances partnership with Home of the Innocents

March 25, 2011, Louisville, KY - The UofL School of Dentistry and UofL Pediatrics have expanded their services to special needs children as Home of the Innocents opens a new facility for pediatric dental and primary care services.

Home of the Innocents and University of Louisville are now poised to provide an unprecedented level of care to this region’s most vulnerable children and their families. Currently, there are unmet needs, especially in the areas of medical, dental, and behavioral health services. These services are out of reach of children with special needs and children with disabilities. Expanding on a ten year relationship, the Home and UofL will partner to provide pediatric dental and primary care services in the new Hockensmith Pediatric Assessment Center.

Touted as a “medical home” – an innovative healthcare model that will offer many different medical services under one roof – the Hockensmith Pediatric Assessment Center will house medical, dental, psycho-social, psychiatric, radiology, audiology, and family assessment and treatment services. These services will guide and provide the best, most cost-effective treatment for children with disabilities, low-income children, and children of abuse, abandonment, and/or neglect. The Assessment Center will feature the “Village Pharmacy,” a non-profit pediatric pharmacy which will allow for specialized pharmacy compounding for the best treatment for children with extraordinary medical needs.

“The UofL partnership is a very critical element in the success of Home of the Innocents,” explained Gordon Brown, President and CEO of the Home. “The real strength in the partnership comes from the relationship we have with UofL Pediatrics and the School of Dentistry, in providing top quality medical and dental care to children with special needs; including children who have been abused, abandoned and neglected, medically fragile children and children with Autism. These children often do not get the care that they so desperately need, and deserve, because of their circumstances.”

UofL pediatric dentistry has been involved with Home of the Innocents since 2006, when the program started at the dental school under the leadership of Dr. Ann Greenwell. Now, with a three chair dental clinic on-site, UofL residents and DMD students can provide more on-going care to children with special needs at Home of the Innocents.

"Some parents and caregivers of medically fragile children indicate it can be difficult to find a dentist prepared to treat their children," said Theresa Mayfield, DMD, interim associate dean for clinical affairs, UofL School of Dentistry. "We are proud to provide comprehensive dental care to Home of the Innocents’ children - an experience that will build the skills of our students."

UofL Pediatrics is enhancing its partnership with the Home as well. Ten years ago, a UofL Pediatrics faculty member was named medical director of the Home’s Pediatric Convalescent Center. Since then, other UofL Pediatrics faculty have committed time to Home of the Innocents. Most recently, UofL pediatrician Dr. Elaine Martin was named medical director of the pediatric clinic in the new Hockensmith Pediatric Assessment Center.

To avoid duplication of services, and provide more children with better services for less money, the Home has sought other collaborative partners and encouraged them to co-locate to the children’s village, so that they might offer their services in tandem with those provided by the Home.

"We’re excited for this opportunity to enhance and broaden our partnership with Home of the Innocents, as we work together to serve the needs of our community’s children. This partnership is a great example of how health care will be delivered in the future – specialists making their expertise more accessible to their patients by co-locating in one site," said Gerard Rabalais, MD, MHA, chairman, UofL Pediatrics.

View the latest video about the Home of the Innocents partnership.


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