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U OF L Dental Hygiene Program FAQs



If you have any questions regarding your application, please call 502-852-5081 or 1-800-334-8635 ext. 5081.

Office of Dental Student Affairs


  • What is the difference between the Lower and Upper Division level for DH students?

The Lower Division level is for students who are attending UofL to complete the program pre-requisites for the Upper Division.

The Upper Division level is for students who have completed and are in the process of completing the required courses for admission in the program.  The Upper Division level includes clinical and education courses needed to complete the BS Degree in Dental Hygiene.


  • Do program perquisites have to be completed at UofL?

Program pre-requisites for the Dental Hygiene Program may be completed at any accredited institution.  It is your responsibility to work with the advisor to verify that courses are correct and transferrable for specific requirements.


  • What is the deadline date to submit an application for the Upper Division level of the UofL DH Program?

February 1 - The admissions committee will only consider applications that are complete, including all required supplemental documents.


  • What forms need to be included for a dental hygiene application packet to be considered complete? (See DH admissions application)

·         Submission of ACT/SAT Scores

·         3 Letters of recommendation (LOR) (must be received directly from recommendor)

·         Minimum Technical Standards:

·         Unofficial copies of all transcripts

·         External applicants, submit official transcripts

·         Personal statement explaining your interest in the career of dental hygiene

·         Dental experience or observation documentation

·         TOEFL SCORES


  • Does the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee interview candidates for admission?

Interviews are not a part of the admissions process but may be requested by the committee.



  • When will I  receive a letter from the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee regarding their decision of acceptance or denial to the Upper Division level of the program?

Admission decisions are made at one time. All applicants receive written notification of their admission decision no later than March 30th.


  • What are the tuition costs for the program?

As an undergraduate program, the tuition costs are that of undergraduates:

Additional fees include a mandatory campus health fee, instrument fees, books and health insurance.  Health insurance is mandatory but optional to be purchased through UofL.


  • Is there financial aid?  When should I apply?

If Iyou areplanning to file for Financial Aid for Fall, you will need to go online at and complete a financial aid application.  The priority deadline for the state of Kentucky and UofL to be considered is March 15th.


  • Is the dental hygiene program admissions process competitive?

Our admissions process is competitive and determined yearly based on the number of applicants and their qualifications.  Preference is given to applicants who have demonstrated the ability to carry a fulltime course load with sciences.  Each year  we receive 1-3 applications for each available space.  Thirty qualified applicants as relected for admission each fall.


  • If I have been convicted of a minor traffic offense, misdemeanor, or a felony, will this affect my admissions into the dental hygiene program?

The Admission Committee ask that you attach a detailed explanation of the offense, misdemeanor or felony to your application. If you have concerns regarding a conviction, please contact the Board of Dentistry in the state(s) which you plan to seek licensure.


  • What will happen if you do not provide complete and accurate information to the best of your knowledge?

Falsifying any part of your application may result in cancellation of your admissions.


  • If I am a UofL Student who is not enrolled in the lower division, can I apply to the Upper Division (DHU)?

Yes you may apply.  You must complete an Intra-University Transfer (IUT)  Form specifically for the Dental Hygiene Upper Division (DHU).  To complete the form, click on:

  • If I am an external applicant applying for admission to DHU, do I have to complete a UofL undergraduate admissions application?

Yes, an application must be completed through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  It can be completed online at .     There is a fee for this application.  In addition to applying, ALL transcripts (official) must be sent to:  University of Louisville, Office of Admissions, Belknap Campus, Louisville, KY 40292


  • Is there a time limit on courses taken for the dental hygiene program?

Yes, required SCIENCE COURSES must be completed no more than 5 years before applying for Upper Division admission.


  • Will students have to pay for and undergo a background search to attend the dental hygiene program?

Completion of a Criminal Background checks (CBC) is required for all applicants who are offered admission to teh DH Upper Division.  Detailed infromation about the CBC service and the process will be outlined by ULSD to admitted applicants.  Students will pay the CBC service directly for the cost of the background check.


  • Is there a minimum GPA to apply to the dental hygiene program?

Yes, there is a minimum of a 2.8 overall GPA and a “C” average in your sciences.  Those requirements are the minimum.  Because the program is competitive, the program has not admitted any sciences GPA’s below a 3.0.

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