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Financial Aid

Approximately 90 percent of all dental students receive some form of financial aid. Both scholarships and loans are offered, although the majority of financial aid comes in the form of student loans.

Most financial aid is federally-based and is available only to U.S. citizens or qualified non-residents. International students (F visas) are not eligible for federal student aid.

All applicants for federal student aid must annually submit a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or a renewal application. A student's financial aid award cannot exceed the cost of attendance. Cost of attendance is a standard figure computed for each category of student (i.e., all first year out-of-state students have the same cost of attendance budget) and includes:

  • tuition and fees
  • dental instrument rental
  • books and supplies
  • personal and living expenses

Federal regulations require that cost of attendance be based on the student only, and not include the student's family. We are unable to consider larger cost of living expenses because a student is married or has dependents. However, child care costs for dependents can be added to the student's cost of attendance when documentation is provided.

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