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Mission Statement & Goals


The University Of Louisville School Of Dentistry, through excellence in teaching and research, will educate competent dental professionals. The School will provide quality dental care and will serve the community to fulfill our urban and statewide missions.


  1. Expand and enhance curricula in new and emerging areas
  2. Promote a patient-centered clinical enterprise that allows students to gain competency as entry-level oral health care professionals, and employs measures to improve quality in the delivery of oral health care
  3. Support and enhance a diverse, humanistic learning and work environment
  4. Promote a school-wide climate of professional development that values research, teaching and service
  5. Enhance and develop scholarship and research
  6. Provide an environment in the advanced education programs that produces comprehensively trained health care professionals
  7. Diversify and develop revenues to ensure resources to sustain and enhance the mission of the school
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