Exam Proctoring

Proctored exams are tests where students are monitored in some way while taking the exam. Traditionally, proctored exams are done under direct supervision of the instructor or in a testing center and those options are not always feasible or practical.

You have two proctoring options for your students outside of requiring students to physically come to UofL’s campus:

1. Face-to-Face Proctoring

Face-to-face proctoring requires the student to obtain a proctor on their own. The student will take their exam in the presence of the proctor and the proctor will submit the exam back to the instructor. Review the Face-to-Face Proctoring page for more information and forms.

2. Online Proctoring

Online proctoring utilizes Respondus Lockdown Browser to monitor your students taking an exam online. The student will take their exam online with Respondus Lockdown Browser/Monitor recording the process. Review the Online Proctoring page for more information, guides, and forms.

This option is only available for exams administered online. The process may not be used with paper exams.


SACS requires students be informed of any fees associated with the verification of student identity, such as proctoring fees or the purchase of a webcam.

You must include the following statement in your Schedule of Courses course listing, as well as your syllabus:

“[Indicate the number exams/projects that will be proctored.] Students may incur a fee depending on the proctor selected or if a webcam is required.”

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