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The University of Louisville is one of eight land-grant institutions awarded the Accelerating Learning Courseware at Public Research Universities GrantThe University of Louisville is one of eight land-grant institutions awarded the Accelerating the Adoption of Adaptive Courseware at Public Research Universities Grant through the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. APLU’s Personalized Learning Consortium is managing the grants, which the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding. The other seven institutions to receive this grant are Arizona State University, Colorado State University, Georgia State University, Northern Arizona University, and University of Mississippi.

The grant’s three year goal (2016-2019) is to accelerate and scale the university’s adoption of adaptive courseware across multiple disciplines to reach twenty percent of our students enrolled in general education courses. The intended outcome is to lower the rate of students who receive a D, fail, or withdraw from these courses.

The program supports UofL’s 21st Century University Initiative by seeking to improve student retention through the adoption of adaptive courseware in large-enrollment general education courses.

Adaptive Learning Leadership Initiative (ALLI)

The ALLI team began in the summer of 2016 after receiving a grant from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities to scale adaptive learning courseware. ALLI assists UofL faculty in the discovery, implementation, and research phases of adaptive learning courseware. ALLI is here to help faculty discover the opportunities adaptive learning can provide to their classroom. Our team is well versed in areas such as faculty development, instructional design, blackboard and more! We are located in the TILL on the 3rd floor of Ekstrom Library.

ALLI Opportunities

  • Faculty support in discovering, integrating, and facilitating adaptive courseware
  • Financial support with stipends, travel funds and assistants
  • Faculty support in collecting and analyzing data
  • Find out more here [PDF]

Project Goals

  • To support student success (particularly among first-generation and low-income students), through the implementation of personalized learning strategies.
  • To support faculty implementing personalized learning in their classes.

Project Outcomes

  • Enhance faculty support and capacity around active and adaptive learning strategies
  • Positively impact 20% of students enrolled in general education courses
  • Lower rate of students who receive D, fail or withdraw from course

What is Adaptive Learning Courseware?

Adaptive learning is a method of personalized learning, where content delivery and assessment are adapted to meet students’ unique needs and abilities, similar to a one-on-one tutor. As a tool, adaptive learning courseware uses learning analytics to modify the presentation of course material in response to student performance, providing appropriate levels of challenge to help students master content. Adaptive courseware can represent a form of blended learning, where some percentage of classroom sear time can be replaced by online work conducted at the student’s personal pace and at the appropriate degree of difficulty.


  • Click to Show/HideDoes my course qualify to participate in the grant?

    While the grant aims to scale adaptive courseware in large general education courses, we are encouraging all courses that serve a large population of students and want to improve the DFW rate to contact us and discuss how we can support you.

  • Click to Show/HideI am not sure about this. Can you show me how it is a benefit?

    Adaptive Courseware is a new and developing technology and research is emerging. We would love to show you how we could collaborate to investigate this technology.

  • Click to Show/HideI do not currently use technical tools in my teaching. In what ways can you help me?
  • Click to Show/HideI have very limited time outside the classroom and my research, could ALLI still be a consideration for me?

    Absolutely! The ALLI is designed to support faculty in the discovery, integration and implementation process. Contact Ryan Luke, Adaptive Learning Program Director, to learn more.

  • Click to Show/HideI have heard of active learning, is this the same idea/pedagogy?

    Adaptive Learning is its own pedagogical technique but is very closely related to active learning. In fact, much of the discussion involving adaptive learning is centered around active learning concepts. Using adaptive learning courseware for content delivery and personal study outside the classroom frees up more time for active learning activities in class. You can learn more about active learning here.

  • Click to Show/HideHow do I learn more?

    We are always available to meet with faculty and to discuss this opportunity and how we can support implementation and scaling efforts. Contact Ryan Luke, Adaptive Learning Program Director, to learn more.

Contact Information

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  • Gale Rhodes, Ed.D.
  • Co-PI
  • Associate University Provost and Executive Director
  • Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
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