Shipping Hazardous Materials

Federal and international laws require that anyone who transports, offers advice for transport, or prepares hazardous materials for transport must be trained.


Faculty, staff and students involved in shipping hazardous materials must be trained or work with someone who has completed hazardous materials shipping training. Generally, training is required every two years.

Hazardous materials include:

      • Biological Materials
      • Diagnostic Specimens
      • Genetically Modified Organisms / Micro-Organisms
      • Infectious Substances
      • Hazardous Chemicals
      • Radioactive Materials
      • Dry Ice


To Ship Biological Agents

    1. Complete the required IATA training.
      • INFECTIOUS SUBSTANCE, CAT A (covers Cat A-B, Exempt Specimens, GMMOs and Dry Ice)Click Here(PDF)
      • Corresponding Quiz (please fill out, scan and email back to DEHS) - Click Here (PDF)
      • BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE, CAT B (covers Cat B, Exempt Specimens, GMMOs and Dry Ice)Click Here(PDF)
      • Corresponding Quiz (please fill out, scan and email back to DEHS) - Click Here (PDF)
    2. See: Flow Chart for Shipping Biological Substances (PDF) for guidance
    3. Additional permits may be required to ship materials domestically or internationally.
    4. Contact the Biological Safety Program at 852-6670 or by email for more information
    5. See: Additional Resources for Shipping Biological Agents for more information on materials requiring additional permits


            DEHS Shipment Request Form for Biological Samples

            This form is to be completed by the PI or research individual prior to preparing a shipment of biological materials. A complete for is necessary for DEHS to assist in the preparation of the shipment. Not: Specific training is required by individuals shipping these materials. See - Transportation of 6.2 Materials by Air Training


            To Ship Hazardous Chemicals

            Hazardous chemicals include, but are not limited to:

                • Explosives
                • Flammables
                • Gases
                • Oxidizers & Organic Peroxides
                • Toxic Substances
                • Corrosives
                • Dry Ice

            Contact the DEHS Hazardous Waste Coordinator for assistance.


            Additional Training (optional)


            Department of Transportation Shipping Security offers free online training. This training is recommended, but not required.

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