Written Safety Procedures - SOP's and SASP's

Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)'s for Labs

The use of highly hazardous chemicals in research generally requires the preparation and implementation of written safe operating procedures. An SOP can be as simple as a description of the hazards and the measures that must be taken to control the hazards. Some work units take a more comprehensive approach and the resultant standard operating procedure includes both operational instructions as well as safety precautions. Prior to preparing these safety procedures, lab workers/supervisors should review the Chemical Safety section of the Lab Safety Manual, in particular the sub-section titled Hazard Control for Highly Hazardous Chemicals. A guide for preparing SOP's and an optional template are provided to aid in developing SOP's. In addition, DEHS has prepared a series of SOP's for commonly used lab chemicals which U of L researchers may use and/or customize for their own labs.

Special Animal Safety Protocols (SASP's)

When hazardous chemicals/drugs are administered to experimental animals, these chemicals and/or their hazardous metabolites may be excreted in urine or feces for the first 48 hours or longer following their administration. Bedding collected during this period is considered contaminated and must be handled in a way that reduces the generation of dust and limits the exposure of animal care personnel. Unless researchers can document that the chemical or its hazardous metabolites are not excreted in the animal model, they must develop an SASP for chemicals/drugs administered to the animals. Approved SASP's currently in use are available to U of L researchers to use and/or customize for their own IACUC proposals. These should be submitted to the UofL Lab Safety Coordinator for approval.

If you have questions about preparation of SOP’s or SASP’s please contact the UofL Lab Safety Coordinator or call 853-2830.


SOPs and SASPs for Widely Used Lab Chemicals SOP Preparation Guidance
NIOSH Resources on Hazardous Drugs SASPs for Biological Agents

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